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“Big Swing, Bo’s the man… gonna hit a grand slam”

Bo going green on someone's #$@.

My dad, brother, and I go out to eat once a week and pretty much just quote Seinfeld, King of the Hill, and The Andy Griffith Show to each other. But sometimes the conversation lags. That’s usually when I take it upon myself to tell Zac, the 20-year-old, stories about Bo Jackson as if he didn’t hear them the week before.

I saw Bo break a house over his knee… a friend who went to school with him told me Bo ate a live shark… that guy in Tienanmen Square? He got that from Bo.

And for whatever reason I almost always cap things off with:

“… I mean, the man had a freaking cartoon.”

… a freaking cartoon with an intro that showed him lifting up a tree and smashing some sort of turbo-deforestation tank to Kingdom come.

Captain Planet, eat your heart out.

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