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Depth chart released, try to remain calm

What's the dilly-yo, Trovon?

Andrew Gribble just posted Auburn’s depth chart under the heading “Auburn releases depth chart, doesn’t surprise anyone with anything,” and while that’s a slight exaggeration, it ain’t that far off, either. If you and I had sat down and drawn out what we expected Auburn’s two-deep to look like, we …

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2010 A-U Pre-view: the DL

Prepare to see a lot of this.

Seventh in WBE’s season preview series. Previously, the offense: the QBs, the RBs, the OL, and the WRs. Also: expectations, and the SEC. THE CAST The Starters: DEs Antoine Carter (6’4″, 256, Sr.) at “quick” and Michael Goggans (6’3″, 261, Sr.) at “power”; DTs Mike Blanc (6’4″, 297, Sr.), Zach …

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Bo Had Better Commercials: an interview with Michael Weinreb

"Where's that Tour de France thing?"

Auburn fans think of Bo Jackson as the embodiment of everything great about the 1980s. Thanks to Michael Weinreb, we know we’re not alone. In his latest great book Bigger Than The Game, Weinreb traces the birth of the modern athlete to the Year Of Our Bo, 1986, when Reagan was referee, the Bears were rappers, and cocaine as innocuous as Big League Chew.

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Plainslinks is a corrective

Don't worry, Varez, the combination gypsy/voodoo/wraith-like enemy from the Final Fantasy series curse that's bene laid upon the Auburn basketball team has run its course by now. Surely. Surely.

I realized a little bit into my “Notes from the Beat” post that I had way, way too many links to lump any significant portion of them into that post and still it keep it at a manageable length. (Not that that’s ever been a substantial concern of mine, of …

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Notes from the Beat, 8/30

Shaun Kitchens, making that whole "Tommy Trott, but better" prediction look good already.

GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK! [takes deep breath] GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK GAME WEEK! We’re celebrating with a quickie look over the coaches’ comments from yesterday and a smattering of links. Don’t forget to visit …

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2010 A-U Pre-view: the SEC


Fifth in WBE’s season preview series, a break between the offense and defense. Previously: Expectations, and the complete offense: the QBs, the RBs, the OL, and the WRs. Expect the unexpected? When it comes to picking the NCAA Tournament (as longtime JCCW/WBE readers know), if you’re going after a perfect …

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