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Pause VCR: Screen caps from VCR College Bowl Game (1987)

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Some years ago, on eBay safari, I bagged VCR College Bowl Game (1987), college competition to the NFL-specific VCR Quarterback (1986), one of the better selling* VCR games competing for America’s attention in the faddish mid ‘80s**. It had Bo on the cover (and Vinny Testaverde). Sold.

It seems ludicrous and sounds completely ridiculous to speak of the VCR as a gaming format, but for as long as the ill-fated concept of interactive VCR games lasted, the ad copy actually read that way – “Clue II and original Clue… both on VCR!”

It also seems ludicrous that I would take any amount of time before reselling the game to dub the VHS tape to DVD and screen-cap*** the loads of Auburn footage used to narrate the game. But that’s just what we do. And do. And do. And there are some choice scenes: option pitches to Bo, a dazed and confused-looking Mike Shula (redundant?), one of my favorite Auburn cheerleaders ever (those sweaters… Pause VCR indeed), one of the more stunning Auburn receptions I’ve ever seen (Freddy Wegand – I think – goes positively rubber man on an Ole Miss – I think – defender, diving a full five yards to somehow haul in a Pat Washington bomb), and host Jimmy Johnson strangling co-host Barry Switzer after Jimmy picks up the “Intercepted” card.


* I think Clue was the most popular. My friend had it. We just watched the clips straight through.

** I received the austere Armchair Quarterback for Christmas ’87. I remember it being beyond boring.

*** I still don’t know how to rip video from DVDs in order to post it to YouTube, but this was even before I had a Flip Vid to just record it off the TV.

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