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  1. JB – lol

    Considering how bad our tackling was in 08, yeah, I’ll take Chiz’s version of tackling any day. And BTW, I’ve always felt a little bit of sympathy for Iowa State ever since Chizik left them for us, and I’ve tried to be understanding of their animosity toward us, but a year and a half later crap like this just keeps popping up somehow or another, and it’s making it really hard for me not to return the bitterness.

    And, you know, maybe if this FWAA thing can just happen and be done with, we can finally put the 2004 season to rest.

  2. ….The problem with Rhoad’s approach is that you’d set up, break down, and the fast SEC back would run right through you. Unless you’re Brian Urlacher-sized, the 225 pound SEC back will flat bowl over an equally-sized linebacker. You’re not going to make a good hit unless you bring some momentum of your own into the collision. I remember Bynes and Stevens coming to a stop, and just getting abused in 2008.

  3. Exactly. I don’t know about ya’ll but I watch a lot of dvr’d AU football, hee hee. Look at our tackling after the 3 losses in the Ole Miss, UGA (before the Freeman injury), & bama games. Hard hitting of AU old. Seems like the D had to do a little ‘unlearning’ here also just as Craig Stephens says in the article from woodbammer,eh…I mean woodberry.

  4. That Matt Jones video was painful to watch at times but damn that guy was good. We shut’em down in 2003 though.

  5. Pet peeve rant:

    I seriously doubt Antoine Carter’s dad served a full 30 years in the Army and only reached the rank of ‘Sergeant’ (E-5). Most likely, he was either a Master Sergeant (E-8) or Sergeant Major (E-9), and I can only assume sheer laziness by Phillip Marshall to ever refer to the man as simply ‘SGT.’

    Please don’t perpetuate the same error. If you honor the man’s service, then list his rank correctly. He earned it.

    Rant over.

    Major, US Army (retired)

  6. Gotta love the “veiled” disdain for Auburn that seeps through every single one of Woodbery’s articles…

  7. Will do going forward, Sully. Sorry for the perpetuation.

    I agree with those of you who felt our tackling was off for parts of ’08. I’m happier in the Chizik/Boom school, thanks.

    BD, I feel the same way. I hated what Jones did to us, but I loved watching him do it to other team (particularly the Tide, in that, what was it, 21-point second-half comeback? Hoo boy, that one was right up there with my very favorite non-Auburn games of the ’90s). And yeah, I had to kind of laugh that the video-maker here included the long Jones run for TD that got called back for holding in ’03. Sorry, dudes, that one didn;’t count.

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