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  1. If you missed it on the message boards, T Will tweeted or facebooked about Phillips performing a standing backflip (no hands) at 290 lbs. Something tells me this kid is going to make some noise.

  2. Shit no, Play him on defense. watch that hit @ the 3:58 mark on the 2nd video and see if you don’t agree with me. Good running backs are a dime a dozen, freak defensive tackles are worth their weigh in gold. Think Ndamukong Suh. As bad as our defense was last year, a guy like Suh would have been worth a couple of wins alone. I’m not saying this to compare Owens to Suh, long way to go there. I just think DT is a far more important position for someone of this kids’ apparent talents. They can use him in a special short yardage package on offense though. That dude is a beast coming through the hole. I’d love to see him truck Dont’a Hightower on the goaline this season.

  3. I would like to publicly acknowledge my shame in not doing my duty to the Auburn blogging community… I had knowledge that Auburn was after a GSU recruit on Monday night prior to signing day. I should have sent a message to Jerry that Auburn was potentially after a GSU recruit, but I didn’t do it. I didn’t do this because I didn’t know which recruit it was. The guy who runs GSU’s TV stuff for scouting, etc. was in one of my grad school classes and he was telling me he was pissed at Auburn for “trying to steal one of our recruits away while he was on a recruiting visit this weekend.” And I didn’t report it, ’cause I didn’t think about the sleeper factor if we didn’t land other recruits.

    And if you go to that GSU message board thread, I post on there quite regularly as AUgradGSUgradstudent. I’m on that site about as much as I’m on here and TheAuburner, lol.

  4. Of course, I was also apparently wrong when I posted in that thread on GSU’s message board that he was likely going to be a DT at Auburn. Oh well, shows how much I knew/know.

  5. As hard as he hits the hole, the poor fellow blocking him, or the pathetic puny runnung back, let him play wherever he wants!
    Let him hit Saban!
    Just let him play offense, please, oh please allow him to play offense on short yardage “HEAVY” packages.
    This kid is gooooooood!


  6. Got plan for the man so hear me out. Only needs to play a quarter of plays on Offense, 20 each. Plug another 5 plays for kick-off (250 L B’s behind a football has to go a long way plus he won’t get punk’d by a break away returner.) Plug another 20 plays in the D-line rotation. In a 4+ hr game he should be able to hold-up.


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