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Etheridge a go

Beware again.

As first reported by Zac Etheridge, Zac Etheridge has recovered from last season’s terrifying neck injury and has been cleared to resume his football career at Auburn. Ted Roof, your thoughts?

“This is certainly quite a boost for all of us … He was so tough about it — he never sulked, never had that poor me attitude. He knows what he wants to do and he did everything possible to make that happen. It’s inspiring it what it is.”

That is what it is. Also what it is: a huge boon to a secondary that little by little could turn into one of the SEC’s sharpest and most experienced. I’d worry about Etheridge’s ability to adjust back to the speed of the game after what he’s endured, but there’s also nothing in his response to his injury that suggests he’d work this hard and then not make the most possible of this incredible opportunity.

War Eagle, Zac. Now go kick ass.

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