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  1. Heck, I was a walk-on with Gossom the same year. (I was about the last of the straight-on kickers ever to play college ball)

    I live just down the way from Thomas and John Mardis and remember walking back from football practice many a time and being sort of amazed and amused by the first two black dudes I had ever spent any time with. i connected better with Mardis and was a little put off by the “black power” stuff that Thomas put out. Later, I got to know Thomas a little better and found him to be a really good guy. Ironically, I thought for sure that Mardis was going to be a star player-big, strong and tough. Who knew?

    I did enjoy the book. It brought back tons of memories. I was hoping he’d at least mention the 37 yard field goal that I nailed against the Bama freshman squad (my personal highlight) but I guess he didn’t think it was that critical to the storyline.

    Please pass along a “howdy” to Thom.


    John Boggs


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