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  1. Amen. I would love to see the game by game financial data to see why paying Arkansas State a million dollars makes more sense than a neutral site game or a home and away with a good team. I’m guessing home games just make so much money, even if it is Southwest Louisiana (due to people buying season tickets) that there’s no incentive to go after a more quality opponent. And adding a 9th conference game would rob teams of a precious home game every other year, so I’m guessing it’ll never happen.

  2. Coaches would squawk like crazy. I once heard Tubby talking in a casual setting about the same topic and his theory was “go 9-2 and you get to coach forever, but 8-3 gets you fired.”

  3. I appreciate that you’re giving Florida credit for two “real” opponents, but I can tell you it wasn’t the original intent. Jeremy Foley knows that the prices of guarantee games rises consistently, so he likes to schedule games far, far in advance to lock in the current day’s low low prices.

    This year’s USF game was scheduled back when the Bulls were in the early days of their I-A transition and still a CUSA team. No one knew at the time they’d get called up to the majors in the Big East by the time it was to be played. In fact, after the jump to the Big East the USF administration pushed for a return game to Tampa to outweigh the two guarantee games at Florida Field that had been scheduled already because the teams were now ostensibly on the same level. UF essentially laughed them off and that was that.

  4. There must be an unbelievable amount of money associated even with throw away home games. The Auburn admins are loath to consider giving up a home game even every other year. I bet if they got used to four cupcakes a year (thus an extra home game every other year) they’d be loath to give that up to. They just don’t have the nerve to give up our one respectable non-conference game.

    I’ve thought a lot about this because the ticket and concession sales just doesn’t seem to be enough to justify throw-away games. I guess a town like Auburn has so much of its economic well-being tied up in game-days (gas, food, hotels, bookstores, bars, local advertising) that it throws the books off significantly to lose that day for one year, even if the next year one of the home games is significantly upgraded (more people, longer tailgating, harder celebrating). I wouldn’t be surprised if the local Auburn business owners have their finger in out football scheduling pie.

  5. Year2, that’s hilarious, since Auburn basically got caught in the same trap in ’07. Maybe your Gators will come out better than AU did.

    Marmot, the economic impact is the best argument I’ve heard for preserving an eighth home game. I’m sure it’s a huge help for Auburn as a whole. But so, so many other college towns are in the exact same boat and an awful lot of them don’t demand eight a year (or 15 every two, which is really what we’re talking about). I think Auburn could give up one every two seasons to give its fans the most exciting CFB season possible. But then again, I can acknowledge that I don’t own, say, a restaurant in Auburn that looooooves its gamedays.

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