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  1. Second greatest game I ever attended (Punt Bama game a clear #1.) Indeed, Sully won the Heisman that day. I recall one play where he was forced from the pocket and scrambled for 2-3 seconds then as they caught him and he was going down, he rifled a pass about 15 yards for a crucial first down. One of the best plays I ever saw.

    We were seated on a hard bench and as the game ended we were standing on it and jumping up and down and damn if the bench didn’t split. It took a few of us but we managed to wrangle 3 ft of it out of the bolts and paraded around about w/ part of Stanford Stadium all the way back to the car. One of my frat brothers kept it hung in his room for a long time.

    There were plenty of other shenanigans that weekend but since the statute of limitations may not have run out on some of them, I’d better not say more.



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