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  1. So your WC post has 9 comments (as of right now) and this football-related post had 0 (before me)…what do you think about that Jerry?

  2. Good question. I think that as interested as Auburn fans might be in Dakota Mosley, there’s not too much to say in response to the post–I’m sure we all agree he’s going to be a good player for us, right? It’s straight info, only a little bit of opinion. There’s not much to discuss, is there?

    Whereas for the minority (though I think a large minority by these days, even amongst a naturally soccer-resistant population like “Auburn football fans”) of readers who were interested in the soccer match, that was a HUGE soccer match. Biggest in years. It’s a one-time, massive thing vs. an everyday thing. The interest from the minority in that one thing is just a lot more concentrated.

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