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Friday randomness

Almost time ...

Smattering of links and such for your Friday afternoon as we await the start of Auburn’s first Regional since 2003 …

— Speaking of, good news for tonight’s tilt with Jax State: the Gamecocks have suspended their top home run hitter after an extraordinarily ill-timed undisclosed violation of team rules. Still no firm word on Mummey and Fletcher. There could be weather trouble this afternoon but we’re staying optimistic. No TV, but apparently the live stream of the game will be free.

If, you know, you aren’t living in the middle of a federal Indian reservation and still stuck on DSL. Sigh.

— Track’Em has acquired a signed copy of this year’s Phil Steele mag with the man himself wishing the best for Shon Coleman and the Tigers. It’s being auctioned off in the comments with proceeds going towards the St. Jude Children’s hospital fund established in Coleman’s honor. Pretty cool, no?

— And hey, speaking of Steele, and speaking of cool, Steele’s new “experience” formula (1/5th returning lettermen, yards, tackles, OL starts) calls Auburn the 14th-most experienced team in the nation … and, according to Steele, “the highest among BCS teams.” Iowa St. actually ranks No. 10, but maybe Steele’s already ahead of the curve when it comes to this expansion brouhaha?

Anyway, I’m not sure this is Steele’s most telling metric–South Carolina and Mississippi St. finished at the bottom of the SEC in it a year ago, both in the bottom 10 teams in the country, and both ended up having perfectly fine seasons by their standards–but it’s better than the opposite.

— Jay G. Tate’s got himself a World Cup blog. Sweet. Maybe every Auburn blogger is a closet soccer fan? No, I guess not.

— Nick Saban’s suggestion for changing the Saban Rule is to completely do away with it and loosen the rule before the Saban Rule on top of that. I’m stunned there weren’t any takers on this one.

— Rivals has ranked the SEC’s basketball recruiting classes, and Auburn’s boundary-smashing first group under Tony Barbee skyrocketed all the way to … eighth. It’s still one hell of an effort given the handicaps, but it’s obvious how much work still needs to be done.

— Judging by its ratings, I’m assuming next to none of you watched the second season of NBC’s de facto Office spin-off Parks and Recreation, which is a shame, because it was dynamite all year. Hopefully there’s at least one person out there who did, though, because if there is, that person will find this totally awesome (if you are not that person, don’t bother):

— I’ll check in over the weekend as events from Plainsman Park warrant, I guess. See you soon.

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