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By popular demand: TWER has a World Cup Pool (plus YouTube fun)

Mybe it's not this nice. But you should join the TWER World Cup pool anyway.

Maybe the response wasn’t overwhelming, exactly, but nonetheless when I asked the other day if You the Readers of TWER wanted a World Cup pool, I thought we had enough interest to move forward.

So we are. We’re at ESPN this time, since the Yahoo! edition looked a bit too complicated. (I mean, even I don’t want to go to the effort of picking the score of every game. I’m sure none of you do). The group page is here. Login info:

Group name: TWER World Cup Pool
Group password: wardamnusa

Join or be lame. Soccer knowledge is really not necessary; this is a Cup outside of Europe, so all sorts of crazy things are bound to happen. Pick whoever you want.

Except for North Korea. Those guys don’t have a chance.

And now, since devoting an entire post to the pool seems a little flimsy, here’s five of my favorite underrated goals from the four World Cups I’ve had the privilege of watching. They don’t usually pop up in discussions of “best World Cup goals ever,” but they absolutely should:

5. Tomas Brolin, Sweden vs. Romania, 1994. Cleverest free kick ever?

4. Edmilson, Brazil vs. Costa Rica, 2002. ’02 sucked for great goals, but this one’s still pretty damn amazing.

3. Cuauhuhauahuatemoc Blanco, Mexico vs. Belgium, 1998. I hope Blanco is eaten by scorpions. But this is an incredible finish.

2. Juergen Klinnsmann, Germany vs. South Korea, 1994. I was 15 and spent the rest of the summer trying to teach myself to do this in the backyard. (I failed.)

1. Sunday Oliseh, Nigeria vs. Spain, 1998. Hitting a shot like this off the half-volley just shouldn’t be possible.

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