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  1. I’ve figured out why we are such an outlier in these rankings. It’s 3 reasons.

    1) We don’t hit well at all, near the bottom of the SEC in every important hitting category.

    2) We have a really good closer.

    3) The rest of our bullpen is really bad.

    So, in short, what this leads to is a lot of low scoring, close games for us, in general, especially because our starters have been pretty good. The difference comes in the times that we have the 3-2 lead the time we have the 3-2 deficit.

    When we’re down, or tied, in a game, we go to other relievers, who generally suck and get knocked around, turning close games into games decided by 3 runs or more.

    When we’re up by 1 or 2 runs, we bring in our closer, who is generally lights out. Our bats don’t extend the lead, because they suck, and we end up winning 1 or 2 run games.

    I believe we are undefeated in 1 or 2 run games in SEC play, something like 13-0 at this point, and that’s the reason why. We don’t let close games turn into close losses, because our bullpen lets those games get away.


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