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  1. Jerry,

    There is absolutely no reason to get that worked up over a 3rd world sport like soccer. Who cares if we win or lose in the 3rd World Cup? I’m just waiting for it to be over so those horrible Bono commercial will stop playing during SportsCenter.

    Cue someone chiming in with “German and England play soccer.”

  2. WDR, seriously, no offense, but shut up. Nothing sticks in my craw more than after 20 years of living and dying with my country’s team than to have someone–usually a college football fan–just blithely come along and say “Oh, it’s just soccer.” The overwhelming majority of the world would ask CFB fans why the hell they give a damn about an amateur team playing a boring sport. Are they right? Hell no. But that also means you’re not any more right for telling me I shouldn’t care about the teams I care about.

  3. No offense take at all. In fact that sounds like sound advice.

    I just cannot get excited over a game that can go for 90+ minutes and end in a 0-0 tie.

  4. Believe me, you and anyone else who doesn’t enjoy soccer is welcome to sleep through it and get sick of Bono. Soccer fans who go on and on about how anyone who doesn’t watch “the beautiful game” (usually as played by European club teams said fan has zero connection to other than the jersey he bought over the Internet) is an uncultured hick are just as bad. Just don’t rain on the parade for the rest of us, please. All I ask.

  5. I’ll never understand why American sports fans have to automatically hate soccer, or why soccer fans have to automatically hate American sports.

    I’m not a big time soccer guy, but I can dig it. I guess I could say it’s tied for my third favorite sport with tennis, all light years behind football and basketball. (Honestly, I think I just like tennis because of its format, but how can you not? Each major tournament is its own March Madness, and there’s four of these March Madnesses a year. And I’m pretty sure I just like soccer just because it’s not baseball. But that’s a story for another day.)

    With my Cavs out of the playoffs and my poor little sports heart being pulled in every different compass direction over LeBronaggeddon, I honestly can’t wait for the World Cup to get here.

  6. For the record, I would say most U.S. soccer fans–especially those who closely follow the Nats–are just fine with other sports. (Just look at how many CFB bloggers dabble in soccer: Braves and Birds, Orson, MGoBlog, Save the Shield, Nico @ RBR, yours truly, etc. That’s just off the top of my head.) It’s the Eurosnob contingent that take the knee-jerk approach towards football, hoops, etc.

    Aw, man, Cavs fans. Doesn’t get any more sympathetic than that. Crazy stuff.

    Re: tennis, I’m in whenever Fed or Rafa are playing (especially when they’re against each other … that Wimbledon final a couple years back is on the shortlist for greatest sporting event of the decade), but if they’re not I’m not going to be all that invested. Maybe I’ll have it on in the background.

  7. I heard that about Rossi the other day (on SportsCenter, actually) and was surprised to hear it. Soccer doesn’t get our country’s best athletes (or, likely, even our 3rd or 4th ‘string’) so it’s disappointing to hear about native-born sons defecting to other countries.
    I can’t wait for June 12, however and I look forward to your write-ups, Jerry.
    As for the narrow-minded sports fans who dismiss soccer simply because it’s not football (or whatever), I just chalk it up to lack of experience. If you’ve seen the ‘beauty’, created the ‘beauty’, or even been a victim of the ‘beauty’, you never forget it and you’ll always want more.
    I still play at 32 and plan to as long as my knees hold out.
    WDE and GO USA!

  8. If Miss Moore played good games like Mass Effect 2 or Left 4 Dead, then she’d be the catch of a lifetime. Rockband? Trashy…

  9. Yeah, as nervous as I am from a distance, I can’t imagine what real, actual, season-ticket holding Clevelanders are going through.

    The trick to getting into tennis tournaments is all in learning to read and comprehend those massive brackets, and knowing who all to follow. Everybody knows the big names, but you gotta find the right underdogs, too.

    And of course, the main key is that there has to be absolutely nothing else going on at the time. I have a hard time caring much for the Australian Open in January. And I have a REAAAALLY hard time caring at all for the U.S. Open in September.

    But with literally my four most hated teams in the NBA left, the French Open couldn’t come at a better time. It starts next week, and goes two weeks, which will lead me into the World Cup, which goes a month, which will lead me into mid-July, which will lead me into one swift August before glorious glorious September.

  10. If you didn’t know already, you could tell that WBE is awesome because 90% of the comments are actually about sports rather than about the hot girl in the bikini at the top of the post.

    Go USA!

  11. ESPN the Magazine is just a waste of paper. I canceled my Insider (and mag subscription) after that asinine, uninformed article of the A-11 offense a year or so ago.

  12. Jerrry, I could not agree with you more about soccer bias. To this day I cannot stand Tony Kornheiser due to his stupid commentary about the National team at the last World Cup. His ignorance is astounding. He is probably an Bammer fan too!

    Any idea what time the games are going to be played? The time diffference for the Korean World Cup was a killer, but I did not miss a single USA game.

  13. Two points:

    1) Looney touched on it, but I’ll reiterate: USA soccor will NEVER be competitive with the rest of the world because our best athletes are busy with other sports. If we could go back in time and convince today’s NFL backup DBs and sub 6’6″ college hoops players to drop those sports and focus on soccer from childhood, this country would dominate the sport.

    Can you imagine a team made up of guys like Walt McFadden and Javier Arenas in the world cup?

    2) Tennis is entertaining as long as long as the participants are female and attractive.

  14. I’m not a soccer fan. So what? I bet close to a billion people on this Good Earth are.

    Including my son, so you guys who are fans have got that going for you. 🙂

  15. You should get Sporting News magazine. It sticks to the its main sports–NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, College Football and College Basketball and is flat out better than ESPN the Mag and yes, SI. Plus, you can get it for $20 or less a year. I know, shameless plug, but it’s bigger and better than it’s ever been.


  16. I second your opinion on Rossi! Just seeing a picture of the guy makes my blood boil. With that, I can’t really say that I don’t blame him. Even so…

    I’ll disagree with those who say USMNT won’t compete because of athletes. One could actually argue that a lot of the games the US wins is due to superior athletic ability. What they lack is skill. Soccer looks natural when you’re watching the best teams in the world. Everything is just…fluid, yet technical at the same time. With the US, that’s not the case. Unless you grow up living and breathing the game, you aren’t going to have a feel for the game. Soccer is a game that’s driven on instinct. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.

    Most of the people I hear dismissing soccer are the ones who will turn around and say, “Now baseball, that’s a real sport.” To me, that’s just laughable.

  17. as a huge soccer fan, go usa! that said, for all soccer fans, manchester city plays club america at the georgia dome on july 28. advance tickets are only $25!

  18. FINALLY some World Cup love – ever since that perfect goal he scored against us in Confed I have wanted to see this man spoon fed scorpions

  19. I’m not saying soccer isn’t a real sport. I just don’t find it entertaining.

    It’s all about what you are used too. I never played or watched soccer growing up, so I can’t appreciate the intracacies that make a 1-0 match anything but a snoozer.

    I’ll bet Eros would have a hard time maintaining interest in the big American sports too. No way would anyone but big baseball fan get a kick out of a 9-inning pitcher’s duel.

  20. Wow, lots of soccer fans in the woodwork. A big U-S-A! to you all.

    I think regarding athletes, the answer is somewhere between the “it doesn’t matter” and “we have to have them” camps. I think it would help, and help a lot, if we had more true top-of-the-line athletes; the ones we’ve got now (Howard, Altidore, Onyewu, Bradley) are a major part of the team. I’ve always thought Barry Sanders would have been unstoppable. But we don’t have to have some huge wave of newcomers; the sports pie in the U.S. is split sooooooo wide that there’s enough for the U.S. to compete with anyone if we can just produce a little more top-end talent and a little more depth. This is why Rossi’s defection is so maddening–he’s quite possibly the best pure striker we’ve produced since Wynalda, and the little bastard turns us down on a whim because he thinks he’s too good for us.

    Re: the Magazine, I’ll reiterate that I don’t even want the thing–they just send it to me because I subscribe to Insider, and unfortunately I can’t cancel THAT because between the hoops coverage, the krootin’, and a couple of other things I actually need that. But I’m thinking I’ll subscribe to something else–SI again, or TSN–just so I can get one sports mag I don’t feel like wiping my ass with twice a month.

  21. They don’t have a Knittin’ Kittens Monthly (or something of that ilk) option in the list of free mags, Jerry? Shame…

  22. ESPN the magazine really is complete garbage. I used to get it a couple years ago. It’s awful, right down to the paper it’s printed on. (Literally. I hate that oversized newspaper feeling crap.)

    It’s crazy, because everything else ESPN does is so legit. I don’t understand how their name could be put on something so bad.

    SI has been good lately. They still have that tendency to preview and predict about something, and then send you the issue like a day before said event, rendering half the issue useless once it happens. And I still can’t stand Selena Roberts for whatever reason. But other than that, it’s been good.

  23. I hear you on Rossi. But I would love to have him. I am heading to Vegas to watch the first four days of WC 2010. I am big time pumped for US vs England. That use to be as big a rivalry as US vs Mexico.

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