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Plainslinks is available for weddings

Democracy in Action. If you haven’t heard already, Auburn’s letting Auburn’s fans choose the soundtrack for this year’s team intro video. The nominees aren’t quite as bad as you might expect–not one but two AC/DC choices, and the notable absences of both that “Here comes the Boom!” song and the Black-Eyed Peas–but still, they’re all very much out of the single genre of music we might call “testosterone.”

Which is as it should be. I’ve racked my brain for two days to try and come up with a suitable original write-in candidate, and this is as close as I’ve gotten:

Yeah, it doesn’t quite work for the setting. (Neither does “Foreplay,” though one day someone’s going to set a highlight video to the world’s baddest-ass keyboard riff and it’s so going to work.) So I’m throwing my support behind Travis Williams’ “Tiger Walk,” which I’ve actually grown kind of fond of over the weekly visits to auburnwareagle.com. I’ll take loud, aggressive, and uniquely, charmingly Auburn over loud, aggressive, and utterly generic every time. If it’s not your thing, Section 25 has a nominee worth considering.

The other side of the diamond. With all the excitement surrounding the baseball team there hasn’t been much mention in this space of the Auburn softball team, but now’s a good time after they sealed their SEC Tournament bid with authority this weekend. After entering the weekend clinging to a half-game lead for the eighth (and final) tourney spot, the Tigers swept Arkansas to leapfrog the Hogs for the seventh seed. They’ll take on No. 6 Florida Thursday at 1:30 on ESPNU.

What’s interesting is that the ladies seem to be taking their cues from the diamond men; they won 2-1 Sunday after getting two first-inning home runs (the latter from Elizabeth Eisterhold, above) and then hanging on the rest of the way. Kyndall White and Anna Thompson earned SEC POTW awards; Thompson will probably get the call in the circle against the Gators.

And before we move from the ball-and-bat set, here’s PPL’s reaction to the Miss. St. sweep and a Jay Coulter post on the 16-14 epic. Auburn is now 18th in the country.

Krootin’. Auburn Eagle is reporting that Kiehl Frazier, likely Auburn’s No. 1 quarterback target with the commitments of Jeff Driskel and Christian LeMay, is scheduled to visit unofficially this weekend. That’s nice. Frazier’s also expected to arrive for Big Cat II at the end of the month. That might be even nicer. Two visits for an out-of-state recruit in the space of three weeks would be both a pretty strong indicator of interest and give Auburn’s coaches a chance to really make an impression. Which they’re very, very good at doing, you may have noticed.

Nothing else of substance today, but it’s been a while since I posted a running back’s highlight video, so enjoy Mike Blakely’s:

Barbee redux. Andy Bitter got his Q&A turn with Tony Barbee, and most of it’s pretty similar to what we’ve heard from him before–he’s not watching last year’s film, the Auburn family is ready to win at hoops again, taking the UTEP job was totally different, etc.–but there’s a few new nuggets in there, like that he believes that “in this business the two hardest things are scheduling and recruiting.” Recruiting, OK, but scheduling?

“I don’t think people understand how difficult it’s become to get into the NCAA tournament. There was, and again you talk about 10 years ago, before the reliance on numbers, the RPI, the computer systems, and all those things, it was a 20-win plateau that if you got to 10 years ago, you’re in the NCAA tournament. That’s no longer the case. It’s really a science of understanding RPI, strength of schedules and all those things , there’s a formula to it, and if you don’t understand it, you can schedule yourself out of the NCAA tournament or a job. So you’ve got to understand the ins and outs of scheduling, and it’s hard. But you’ve got to understand it.”

Interesting I also enjoyed this little piece of brutal honesty:

“There’s a history, a tradition to this program that speaks for itself. Is it extensive? No. But there’s been periods of success that people are looking for again.”

That’s probably the best way to describe Auburn’s men’s hoops history: “not extensive.”

Golf. The Auburn women couldn’t build on their first-place finish after Round 1, but they did enough to finish in a third-place tie at last weekend’s Regional and advance to next week’s NCAA championships. Still sitting at No. 4 in the rankings, I’d imagine Auburn’s still a dark horse for the national crown despite a bit of a slump these last two weeks.

The men have earned a No. 7 seed at the loaded-sounding College Station regional, set for May 20-22. It returns Auburn to the postseason after a one-year absence, so that’s good.

Etc. Jake Holland talks to Rivals … A Hog blogger says Arkansas fits in just fine with the rest of the SEC, and I’m inclined to agree with him; the Nutt-vs.-Springdale soap opera alone qualifies them for permanent inclusion … Your daughter’s not cool enough all of a sudden (via):

Photo by Leffie Dailey.

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