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Plainslinks asks you to spread the meme

Just because. No more baseball links to throw at you; I just thought I’d share another of Todd Van Emst’s incredible photos from the baseball team’s Toomer’s celebration, because I have that strange disease you catch from the water in Auburn that makes you believe images of streamer after white streamer of toilet paper hanging down from those trees are stunningly beautiful.

I mean, look at it.

Legs. The Aycock story has them, unfortunately. It seems so childish and petty for the grown men on Auburn’s coaching staff to pull the “What?! You can’t dump me, I’m dumping you” routine that I simply can’t believe that’s what’s happened here. But we’ve had so much vouching for Aycock’s character from those who have known him–not only now, but before he ever got to Auburn–that I have a hard time believing he did something all that egregious. Here’s a Totally Hypothetical Official WBE Timeline of Events That Again is Totally Hypothetical:

1. Aycock commits some sort of minor transgression
2. Aycock is punished, he feels too harshly
3. Already frustrated with his position on the depth chart, Aycock decides to skip the punishment by taking the transfer he was probably taking anyway
4. Coaches respond by upping the punishment to “booted off the team”

In this scenario, Auburn’s coaches aren’t lying when they say team rules had been violated. But Aycock’s coaches (and, if you want to make the extension, Aycock) aren’t lying when they say Aycock left of his own volition.

However messy this looks, though, the end result is the same: Aycock was unhappy, and now he’s gone. It’s all water under the bridge now. Though I’d appreciate it if the water wasn’t murmuring unpleasant things about Chizik and Co., of course.

Krootin’. For most fans, quarterback is the No. 1 position on Auburn’s recruiting board this cycle, and Kiehl Frazier is the No. 1 quarterback still on the board … so, by default, he’s kind of the No. 1 player on Auburn’s board overall. (I kind of disagree with this assessment–I think finding several difference-making defensive tackles gets very top priority–but there’s some logic to it.) So this is, indeed, pretty big news:

Two big news items are coming out of Kiehl Frazier’s camp this week while the Shiloh Christian quarterback weighs his many college options.

The first is that Frazier hopes to announce his college choice in “two or three weeks.” During a previous interview with VYPE Frazier said he was planning to make a decision “shortly after the season.”

The second bit of news — and perhaps most intriguing — is that the college he picks could be getting his services much sooner than expected because Frazier is taking all the necessary steps to graduate early in December. That means he’ll be able to enroll in college in January and be able to join his new team for spring practices.

That he’s enrolling early isn’t really that big a spot of news, for the time being anyway. The much bigger news is that his decision will come as soon as it’s coming … and it might be particularly big for Auburn fans, since Frazier took a visit to Auburn quite recently and is expected to be on the Plains for Big Cat Weekend II: the Big Cattening this very weekend. If any school has made such an impression as to move up Frazier’s timetable, you’d sort of expect it to be Auburn rather than an Arkansas team he’d have been familiar with for ages.

That said: you’ll find fans of both teams who are expecting Frazier to commit to them, and that “two or three week”-pronouncement is hardly set in stone. Let’s wait to see what happens in the wake of Big Cat before getting too confident, or really all that confident at all.

Schmineschmaum. I’m not going to dignify a certain Alabama media personality here by mentioning his proper name, or by linking his ridiculous recent assertion that Jim Delany is somehow eating Mike Slive’s dust when it’s Delany’s television brainchild that’s dictating the terms of the entire expansion kefuffle and making Slive’s TV decision look hopelessly short-sighted (which I haven’t read, having made the decision long ago not to read anything he writes, but which I’ve gotten the gist of), or by even bothering to explain why his declaration regarding Stephen Garcia is so wrongheaded as to be, quite literally, laughable.

No, I’ll just reaffirm my position as regards him by trying to start an Internet meme:

All for now. Real Life calls; posting may be light tomorrow, full service restored Wednesday with some discussion of this AP national championship business. (Official WBE position, in a word: opposed.)

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