The Ritchey Hounds

A 2.5 million dollar endowment to Auburn in 1968 makes a Mental Floss list of the 14 quirkiest college donations:

When Miss Eleanor Elizabeth Ritchey, granddaughter of the founder of the Quaker State Oil Refining Company, died in 1968, she left Auburn University a generous gift of $2.5 million. She also gave the school something a bit more unusual: the responsibility for 150 dogs. Ritchey, who owned a ranch in Florida and loved to adopt homeless dogs, made the large cash donation contingent on the school finding good homes for all 150 of her dogs. The cash was then earmarked for veterinary research.

Anyone know someone who received a Ritchey hound?


Thanks to Kenny Smith, we now know we have one more thing for which to thank Tucker Frederickson (and his Dad).

RIP, Musketeer.

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