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The Rest Rounding with Thor!

Thor Burk, our resident NFL expert, comes off the bench to wrap the best inner-monologue’ing of the NFL Draft in history. Eat your heart out, ESPN or whoever. Night One can be found here, Night Two can be found here


Apparently the Texans had Ben Tate as their #3 overall RB behind C.J. Spiller and Ryan Matthews.  Here’s for a good video discussing the pick and how he clocked Eric Berry, and here’s the video of his and his family’s reaction to being drafted.

I love rounds 3-5, that’s where you make your money. It’s like those 3 star recruits.  While those 4 and 5 stars may be the big news, the center of your team will be the 15 3 stars you bring in.  Real quick, since I have a little time, I’m going to talk about who I think is the best available player at each position.


The best QB left may be Dan LeFevour, but we’ll also see Mike Kafka from Northwestern come off the board early today.  I fell in love with him during the Outback Bowl because he’s a gamer.  He’s got good size at 6’3 225, and he’s smart.  The Big 10 has a habit of putting out some quality QBs and he’s the best the Big 10 had last year.  He’s also really smart.

If you want a sleeper, how about Crompton?  The draft is full of guys that look the part coming off the bus, but Crompton had a lot of turmoil around him while at Tennessee and a lot of the burdens he had to bear weren’t all his fault.

Running Backs:

There are a lot of names left, but my favorite all around is probably Anthony Dixon with a slight edge over Jonathan Dwyer and Charles Scott.  If you like Gerhart in the 2nd, you should love Dwyer in the 4th, but the kid is mainly a FB so he will have to be polished, and Charles Scott I thought was going to be a great pro but after his bad senior year and that late injury, he fell off with me.  Dixon was a productive tough back in the best conference in the country and he played for a bad team.  With another carry or two Dixon would have beat LSU last year, but Dan Mullen had to get cute.

Sleeper: None, but if I had to pick I’d go with Lonyae Miller, the other RB out of Fresno State.  He’s the poor man’s Ben Tate who was obviously overshadowed by Ryan Matthews.

Wide Receivers:

Dezmon Briscoe, he’s a possession receiver in the Marques Colston mold.  He’s not real fast, but he’ll box people out, catch the ball, and drag someone for a first down.

Sleeper: Kelton Tindall out of Newberry. He’s 6’2 200 and runs a 4.32.  He’s a BIG sleeper because I don’t know if any of the news services even have him listed for the draft.  He showed up big in the Texas vs the Country post-season game.

Tight Ends:

Theres still a pile of talent left at this position and that tells you where the NFL is moving as a whole: away from the TE position.  Pitta is my favorite left and if you’re watching ESPN, Kiper and those guys are really talking him up so I don’t have to.

Sleeper: Don’t hate me, but Colin Peek out of Alabama.  He’s a good well rounded TE and he was clutch when he needed to be last year.

Offensive Line:

My favorite left is Kyle Calloway out of Iowa, Kirk Ferentz puts out quality offensive lineman and has great size at 6’6 323.  Combine the size with the pedigree and he’s going to make someone a good value on Day 3.

Sleeper: None, Alex Parson G from USC if you made me.

Defensive Ends:

There weren’t a lot of picks here in the first 2 rounds even though a lot of teams need depth at end.  It picked up in Round 3 but this should be a big day for the DE position.  My favorite player that is left is Greg Hardy from Ole Miss.  Remember when he was a first round pick?  What happened there?  Him and Jevan Snead were drinking overrated Kool-aid last season.  He can still be that guy that people thought he could be.

Sleeper:  Clifton Geathers from USC.  Tall lean frame could bloom into a great player.
Antonio Coleman did not have good workouts and may slide pretty far.  The only things that’s going to save him is the idea that a lot of people need DEs.

Defensive Tackles:

Whew, these guys were flying off early, and honestly, I don’t like most of them.  I like the SEC DTs out of LSU and Georgia.  I’ll go with Woods because he’s very, very strong.

Running out of time, give me Jake Ricks as a Sleeper. (cough, homer, cough)


Give me Muckelroy out of Texas anyday, and for my sleeper, it’s Keaton Kristick from Oregon State – he’s a great kid that plays very smart.  With all this concentration on character, he’s a good pick.


I love Walt McFadden and not just because he’s an Auburn Tiger, but because he’s a great player.  Some people had him as a top ten CB and then when he didn’t get a combine invite people dropped him so far he should probably be considered a sleeper pick.


Myron Rolle baby, Myron Rolle.  Super talent, super smart.  Will he even play football?

Jaworski agrees with me on Crompton as a sleeper.

Round 4 is getting underway:

Jaworski likes both my QBs, he’s mentioning Kafka and Crompton.

With the clock flying today I will not have any time to write much.

99 – Rams are on the clock:

And they take Mardy Gilyard. I thought this kid would be an early pick but in the postseason games and the combine he looked bad.  They are also saying he is a terrible practice player.

100 – Vikings are on the clock:

Still need OL help.

Everson Griffin, DE out of USC.  Character issues are the big deal with him.  Could be a very good pick here if Brad Childress can help him get his priorities right.

101 – Tampa Bay on the clock:

They would have liked Griffin but he’s gone.  They need a G, a DE, an OLB, a S.

WR Mike Williams out of Syracuse.  This is an insurance pick to follow the earlier pick of Arrelious Benn.  He’ll add depth to their WR corps, but they have some more pressing needs to fill.

102 – Texans are on the clock:

Need Safety help and a DT.  Could also use some mean lineman to block for Ben Tate.

They draft Darryl Sharpton, LB out of Miami.  He’s short, but people think he can be a Zach Thomas type.  I don’t see it.

103 – Redskins on the clock:

Skins need a Guard, a Safety and a MLB.

And they fill their need at LB with Perry Riley from LSU.  Not high on him.  As an Auburn fan, you don’t think of Perry Riley as a good SEC linebacker.  Maybe the Redskins think they know something…

104 – Seahawks are on the clock:

Everyone thinks that Seattle is having a fantastic draft; I’m not as high on it.

104 – Trade, the Titans are on the clock:

Titans still need a safety and some Offensive line help at G and OT.  They have done a good job of addressing their needs so far.

Alterraun Verner, CB from UCLA.  He’s an okay corner for the Titans and should contribute early since depth at CB is an issue.

They traded LenDale White and Kevin Vickerson for him though and that seems very pricey for me.

105 – Eagles are on the clock:

OL, CB, LB are all still areas of need.

And they take a good corner in Trevard Lindley out of Kentucky.  Great ball skills, but not great speed.

106 – Raiders are on the clock:

Major needs are still OT, CB, and they have to get a QB (or trade for Jason Campbell).

Bruce Campbell, the OT from Maryland.  He was a mid-round pick before the offseason and he exploded with some fantastic workouts.  Those guys usually jump into the earlier rounds but Campbell stayed here.  They get a 4th round tackle that worked out like a first rounder.  Very good value pick here.

107 – Bills are on the clock:

They still need a QB and also an OT.

Marcus Easley, WR from Uconn, the Bills said they want to spread the field and throw the ball, but they draft a TB in round one and they ignore the QB position.

108 – Jaguars are on the clock:

WR, LB, and Safety are still needs but they trade the pick to

108 – The Raiders are back on the clock

Lets see if they go CB or QB here…

Jacoby Ford, the speedy WR from Clemson.  Good pick.  They have some other young receivers there, but you can never have too much speed.  He’ll be a good sub and help out with returns. Downside is size (5’9).

109 – Bears are on the clock:

CB may be the biggest need, OL second and then WR.

And they ignore my ideas and go with Corey Wooten, DE from Northwestern.  They do need some help to replace Alex Brown and they got a good pick with this hometown kid.  While ignoring needs, they got a kid they really wanted here.

110 – Chargers are on the clock:

NT, Safety, RT, and CB are needs.

They draft Free Safety Darrell Stuckey, FS from Kansas.   Bad fit b/c I like Eric Weddle, their current FS and not their SS.

111- Seahawks are on the clock:

Seahawks make a great pick here with Walter Thurmond out of Oregon.  He won’t win any races, but he’s a great cover guy.

112 – Panthers trade pick to the Jets:

Again, not a lot of holes to fill for the Jets.  They traded to get here so they may be about of picks, this could be an important choice for them.

Joe McKnight, RB from USC.  He’s smaller than he looks and will be a 3rd TB on the depth chart.  I’m sure they got him as insurance for LT in case he can’t produce in the #2 role.

113 – Patriots are on the clock:

Not a whole lot of needs, could see a developmental QB here, or an OL.

TE Aaron Hernandez from Florida, they have a load of TEs and already took Gronkowski from Arizona in Round 2.  This should be an insurance policy in case Gronkowski can’t get better from his injury.  Could also be Belichek drafting the best available player.

114 – Ravens are on the clock:

CB? S?

Dennis Pitta, TE from BYU.  Great player, I was really high on him, but like the Pats the Ravens already took a good TE this draft AND they have 2 good TEs on the roster.  Best available player pick???

115 – Giants are on the clock:

MLB and an OL are the needs, I’d like to see a LB here

Phillip Dillard, LB from Nebraska.  He fills a need as a strong run stuffer up the middle.  His weakness is speed; that’s why he plays in the middle.

116 – Steelers are on the clock:

Still need CB, OT, and another DE, OLB type.

Thaddeus Gibson, LB from Ohio State is exactly that hybrid player.  He was DE in college and should play (only 243) OLB in the pros.  He goes to that Steelers 3-4 and adds depth.

117- Falcons are on the clock:

Just found out LB Kirk Morrison was traded to the Raiders; they could have done this the other day when they swapped for Groves…

The Falcons have really addressed their main needs, now they need to start picking up some projects.

Joe Hawley, OG from UNLV.  He’ll compete with Mike Johnson and help with their depth.  Good pick and apparently he can also play C.

118 – Houston is on the clock:

Safety or DT?

Nope it’s Garret Graham a good TE (a lot in this draft) from Wisconsin.  He’ll add depth behind Owen Daniels.

119 – Cowboys are on the clock:

LT, Safety, G.

119 – Dolphins are on the clock after a trade:

A.J. Edds OLB from Iowa.

Kiper is saying the Jags have the worst draft so far.  McShay still hates Tebow.

120 – Bengals are on the clock:

Safety is the biggest need, then some D Lineman.

Geno Atkins, DT from Georgia.  One of my favorite DTs that are left.

121 – Eagles are on the clock:

They have two picks here so they may send them in quick.

They need help on the OL, a LB, and a Corner.

They go LB with Keenan Clayton from Oklahoma, who is a bit of a head scratcher.  He played at a good program, but that’s all he really has going for him in my eyes.

122 – Eagles are on the clock:

My quarterback, Mike Kafka from Northwestern.  Mike Vick should only be there for one more year, so Kafka should be 3rd string this year, 2nd next year and then he’ll be in position to help the Eagles make a decision on Kolb’s contract at that time.  A good fit for both teams in my opinion.  Safe pick, kid makes safe throws.  Jaworski loves it.

123 – Cardinals are on the clock:

123 – They trade the pick, to The World Champion New Orleans Saints:

I’m not even going to predict it; they ignore my pleas every year.

Al Woods, DT from LSU.  Like the pick, he’s a hometown guy. Their DTs other than Sedrick Ellis all over achieved last year so they needed to bring in another player here.  Good choice, but you can’t keep ignoring the need at OLB.  Some people liked him in the first before the 2009 season.  Could be a boom pick.

124 – The Panthers are on the clock:

They need a DT as well, maybe that’s why the Saints drafted in front of him.

Eric Norwood, LB from South Carolina.  This will be a popular pick in the Carolinas.  He’s a fast moving hardnosed player.  I’m a fan.  McShay loves him.  Not a real need, but I still love the choice.

125 – Philly is back on the clock:

Offensive line is the last real need I have for them; if they don’t go there it’s strictly picks for depth.

TE Clay Harbor from Missouri State.  Could be a steal, others will love it, some people were very high on him but I don’t know much about him other than he’s a good athlete.

126 – Cowboys are on the clock:

As I said before they need OL and a safety.

CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from Indiana College, not University of.  Kid is hit or miss; some were very high on him, not me.  I really have no idea who he is.

127 – Seahawks are on the clock:

Some good RBs still available here, but since the traded for LenDale White I doubt that’s the pick.  They do need another DE and some more depth on the OL

DE EJ Wilson from UNC, not high on this guy at all.  He’s big, but he plays more like a DT than a DE.  Just not the best athlete. He’s a guy that gained momentum over the last two months and those guys , to me, don’t usually work out.

128 – Lions are on the clock:

A secondary player?  An OT?

OT Jason Fox from Miami, good choice, he’s a solid offensive tackle and he’s got prototype size at 6’7 and 300 lbs.  Not polished but that’s why he was a 4th rounder

129 – Colts are on the clock.

Need an OT and a DT, but the Colts have ignored immediate needs and have just been drafting 2nd string guys.  They obviously have a plan that I don’t know about.

Jacques McClendon, OG from Tennessee. I didn’t think this guy was going to be drafted.  He’s clearly a developmental guy and I don’t know many teams even had him on their draft boards.

130 – Cardinals are on the clock:

Still need a CB in my opinion and a TE and some OL help.

O’Brien Schofield, OLB from Wisconsin.  This is them covering their bases on the loss of Dansby.  They already drafted a LB in the 2nd, but they grab another to be safe.  This kid played with his hand on the ground a lot in Wisconsin but is way to small to do that in the pros, a developmental player who will be a backup LB next year.

131 – Bengals are on the clock:

Lets see if Cincinnati continues their good draft.  They still need a Safety.

LB Roddrick Muckelroy from Texas, one of my favorites.  Not sure why he slide so far; he has good instincts and he’s big.  I guess he ran slow enough at the combine to scare people off.  He’ll add immediate depth and may crack the starting lineup.

Round 5

132 – Rams are on the clock:

They need a RB to spell Jackson, a smaller scat back would be ideal.

TE Michael Hoomanawanui (that is not going to fit on a jersey) from Illinois.  Hes an okay tight end that was overshadowed by all the good players this year.  He’s a good blocker, but not much of a receiver, but will definetly be in on the goalline.

133 – Seahawks are on the clock:

They need an OT and a RB.

Kam Chancellor, FS from Virginia Tech.  This is a huge free safety. He’s a poor man’s Taylor Mays.  6’3, 231 lb who runs a little slow with a 4.64 40.  If he ran in the 4.5s he would have been a 2nd or early 3rd pick.

134 – Eagles are back on the clock:

Still need some O lineman.

Ricky Sapp, DE from Clemson.  I thought he would be an early choice today, instead he falls to the early 5th.  They already took a DE last night so they are getting insurance and adding depth with this pick.  I think he is actually a lot better than the kid they took in the 3rd round.  Good value pick.

135 – Falcons are on the clock:

Just grabbing depth for the Falcons, they now have the luxury to sit back and take the best player they see.

CB Dominique Franks from Oklahoma.  Some people had him going much higher than this – the Falcons are stealing him in the 5th.

136 – Chiefs are on the clock:

Need a LB, an OT and a WR.

And they take another safety in Kendrick Lewis from Ole Miss.  Not a real need there and I think he plays the same position as Eric Berry.

137 – Broncos are on the clock:

TE, DE, LB, CB, are all needs.  I thought they would have taken a CB to compete opposite Champ Bailey yesterday.

Perrish Cos, CB from Oklahoma State, one of the best CBs taken today.  Some had him as a top ten CB, but his 40 time (4.57) cost him a lot of money.

138 – Raiders are on the clock:

Woot woot, Walt McFadden, CB from Auburn.  He was my sleeper pick and he’s got a chance to go be part of a very good defense in Oakland.  CB was a need for them and he should step in and compete for a starting spot with Chris Johnson and atleast go into that nickel role.

Pompano Jook all night long:

139 – Jets are on the clock:

John Connor, FB from Kentucky.  Ny is not a good place for John Connor, the machines will certainly be looking for him there and moving from the obscurity of the Kentucky countryside can be dangerous for him.

140 – Bills are on the clock:

Ed Wang, OT from Virginia Tech. They finally fill that OT spot I’ve been worried about.  He’ll take a lot of coaching if they want him to start.  He’s apparently the first  player of Chinese descent to be drafted.

141 – Bears are on the clock:

Joshua Moore, CB from K-State.  I had this as a need for the Bears and they address it with this pick. I would like to see them take another.

Schefter is telling us Jason Campbell WILL be moved today.

142 – Chiefs are on the clock

Need a LB or a WR here, but the pick is Cameron Sheffield the DE from Troy.  He may get moved to MLB since that is a need that won’t be addressed in this draft.

143 – Jaguars are on the clock:

Need LB (they did trade for Kirk Morrison) a Safety, and a QB.  Could we see LaFevour here?

Tony Boselli gets to make the pick:  Larry Hart, DE from Central Arkansas.  Another WTF pick for Jacksonville.  This is a kid that wasn’t talked about much at all and probably wasn’t on a lot of teams draft boards at all.  I believe this is what was traded for Quentin Groves.

144 – Texans on the clock:

Secondary player here, probably a safety since that is the last big need they have to draft today.

Sherrick McManis, CB from Northwestern.  Decent size, decent speed, just a blah pick.

145 – Dolphins are on the clock:

They need a WR and a safety.  They need to get a quick WR here that can return kicks.

CB Nolan Carroll from Maryland.  Can he return kicks?  He converted from WR a few years ago to CB, he’s turned into a good press corner which fits Miami’s scheme.  With 3 more picks they need to get that safety and WR.

146 – Chargers are on the clock:

Still need that RT, a CB, TE depth.

DT Cam Thomas from North Carolina gets drafted as Mel Kiper is talking about him being a really good gem in the fifth round.  Good pick from the piles of DT that have been drafted this year.

147 – Giants are on the clock:

Guard is the big need, also CB and a backup RB.

Mitch Petrus, OG from Arkansas.  Good pick, he was a solid SEC player and showed a lot at the combine.  Quality player for them.

148 – Titans are on the clock:

Robert Johnson, S from Utah.

149 – Rams are on the clock:

Rams are in a good spot after filling most of their needs.  I think they should take a RB to spell Steven Jackson.

Hall Davis, DE from U La La, Good value pick here, they took one of the best players left on their board regardless of need.  He’ll play spot duty until he gets ready to be a real player.

150 – Patriots are on the clock:

Fast pick, Zoltan Mesko, P from Michigan.  Best Punter in the draft and maybe the best punter to come out in years.  He’ll come in and replace Chris Hanson.

151 – Steelers are on the clock:

Wow, the Jets have cut Alan Faneca, that means Vladimir Ducasse (sp?) that they took earlier will have to play.

Pittsburgh takes Chris Scott, G from Tennessee.  Who knew the Vols had this much talent?

152 – Bengals are on the clock:

Still need a safety.

Chris Hudson, G from Eastern Illinois.  We are starting to have a lot of these guys that were only on the board for a few teams.  I don’t know anything about this kid.

153 – Jaguars are on the clock:

Still need a WR and a Safety and a QB.

And they take another DE in Austen Lane from Murray State.  He’s better than the last DE they took and has really good size at 6’6 278.  He should compete for PT.

154 – Packers are on the clock:

Jason Campbell could be traded to the Raiders

Lets see if they throw this pick away as well.

Not a need but Andrew Quarless is a good TE from Penn State.  Has some character issues, but on the field he’s good.

155 – Cardinals are on the clock

Looking for an OT or a CB.  Funny that they trade Bryant McFadden back to the Steelers for this pick, increasing the need for a CB.

They took a developmental QB in John Skelton.  People are very high on him, the only thing I know about him is that he’s big and has a strong arm.  He goes to an Arizona team that needs another QB and he could step in if Matt Leinart has issues.

156 – Ravens are on the clock:

They also need a CB and, I think, a WR.

It is a WR with David Reed from Utah.  He has good agility and could help out in the return game.  Not a straight line speed guy – I’d compare him to Steve Smith coming out of college.

157 – Ravens are on the clock again:

Cb still a big need.

DT Arthur Jones form Syracuse.  Going into the draft they needed DTs, but they have already drafted Cody so I thought they would leave it alone.  This pick could show some worry about Cody’s stamina.

158 – Jaguars are back on the clock:

Once again the Jags main needs are S, WR, and a QB.  Lets see if they draft another defensive lineman.

158 – trade, The World Champion New Orleans Saints are on the clock:

They gave up a 4 in 2011 to get this pick.

Matt Tennant, C , Boston College.  WTF?  Ignoring needs at S, LB, and backup RB.  He’s not a bad center, 3rd in this class, but they have two good centers…

159 – Eagles are on the clock:

They’ve been busy today, needs still out there are on the offensive line.

They draft Riley Cooper, the big WR from Florida.  A lot of people are high on Cooper, but I’ve never been a big fan.  He should fit well because he is now the biggest receiver that the Eagles have.

160 – Browns are on the clock:

Needs are WR, SS, and LB.

Larry Asante, SS from Nebraska.  Quality pick, he’s not a big safety but he can cover the field.  Filling one of their remaining holes with this choice.

161 – Vikings are on the clock:

S, OT, LB are all needs.   The VIkes have done a good job of drafting down and always taking a need player.

And they continue, Chris Degeare, OT from Wake Forest.  You know he’s a smart kid if he played at Wake.  He’s big and could play guard if he struggles at tackle.

162 – Colts are on the clock:

Needs are OT and DT

TE Brody Eldridge from Oklahoma is the quick pick.  He has played on the line so he is a good blocker.  Doesn’t really fit the Colts system in my opinion.

163 – Redskins are on the clock:

163 – Nope the Dolphins are on the clock after a trade:

They need a WR and a Safety

SS Reshad Jones from Georgia.  A good SEC player who slid too far in my opinio.  He is a very good player and a great value here for the Dolphins.

164 – Steelers are on the clock:

CB is the big need, but they also could and should take QB today.  They also just traded for CB Bryant McFadden so they may be done filling holes.

Crezdon Butler, CB from Clemson.  A fast corner with good size he will compete for some PT.

165 – Falcons are on the clock:

Quick pick, Kerry Meier WR from Kansas.  Ugh, the first bad pick that Atlanta has made.

Jason Campbell has signed a new contract with the Raiders for 3.1 million in 2010 and 4.5 million in 2011.

166 – Steelers are on the clock:

As I said two picks before, the Steelers have really filled all their holes thay now have the freedom to take the best player on their board.  I would still like to see them take a QB.

And it’s Stevenson Sylvester, OLB from Utah.  This is a gooooood pick.  He’s a fast guy who can play in coverage.  I liked him better in a 4-3 system but he’s a good quality player for Pittsburgh.

167 – Vikings are on the clock:

Safety and OL are needs and they may draft a QB today.

Nate Triplett, MLB from Minnesotta.  I said last night that the Vikings weren’t real happy with Jasper Brinkley.  This may be a pick to help push Brinkley.

168 – Chargers are on the clock:

Quick pick, Jonathan Crompton from Tennesee.  There goes my sleeper QB.  The Chargers lost their backup QB to the Seahawks and now they bring in Crompton to compete with an older Billy Volek for that #2 spot.

169 – Packers are on the clock:

Packer actually address a need with Marshall Newhouse, an OT from TCU.  He is a guy that isn’t very well known and wasn’t on a lot of peoples boards.

Round 6

170 – Rams are on the clock:

RB?  They have filled holes and are now drafting for depth.

Frendi Onobun, TE from Arizona.  He’s a big TE at 6’6 who filled in for Gronkowski the 2nd round pick out of Arizona when he was frequently hurt.  Not sure about this pick, but the Rams can afford to take chances in the 6th round after their first two days were so good.

171 – Falcons on the clock:

Another team who has addressed all of their concerns, they take Safety Shann Schillinger from Montana.  I don’t know anything about him other than he’s 6’0, 199 lb.

172 – Buccaneers on the clock:

Bucs still need a safety and an OG.

They draft a Punter from Virginia Tech, Brent Bowden.  I wouldn’t have taken a punter this draft unless it was Zoltan Mesko.

173 – 49ers are on the clock:

They need another LB and a CB this draft.

It’s my tailback, Anthony Dixon out of Mississippi State.  He’ll go to a team that has two decent TBs with Frank Gore and Glen Coffee.  Not the best fit for Dixon, but if he’s as good as I think he is he’ll get it done.

174 – Redskins are on the clock:

OG, Lb, Safety are needs.

They draft a TE from La Tech, Dennis Morris.  It’s going too fast for me to be able to tell you what other TEs are available, but this guy is not an attractive pick.

175 – Panthers are on the clock:

Needs on the Defensive line are all that are left, I see them taking a DE and a DT the rest of the way.

DE Greg Hardy from Ole Miss, theres my DE.  I think this is a great pick. Hardy was thought to be a first rounder this time last year and he slides all the way to the 6th.  Good pick by the Panthers if the injuries don’t slow him down.

176 – Titans are on the clock:

QB Rusty Smith out of FAU.  Shocked this kid got drafted.

177 – Cleveland is on the clock:

Quick pick, Carlton Mitchell from South Florida.  A lot of people liked him much earlier in the draft.  Fills a hole in Cleveland.  Mel likes him a lot.

178 – Bills are on the Clock:

Could be a QB since they aren’t going to trade for Jason Campbell now.

Arthur Moates, a short DE out of James Madison.

179 – Cowboys are on the clock:

LT is still a need as is safety and Guard.

They take Sam Young, a giant 6’8 316 LT.  Solid value pick for the Cowboys.

180 – Jaguars are on the clock.

Safety, WR, LB, but they’ll ignore that and probably take another DE.

It’s RB Dej Karim from Southern Illinois.  They need another RB sure, but this kid was going ot be an undrafted FA.

181 – Bears are on the clock:

Offensive Lineman and WR are the needs.

Dan LeFevour, QB from Central Michigan.  Definetly the best QB left on the board, some thought he would sneak into the 2nd round and now he’s slid all the way to the 6th round.  He’ll be a cheap, quality backup for the Bears.

182 – 49ers are on the clock:

CB and LB are still needs.

Nate Byham, a TE from Pittsburgh.  Big guy who can stay in and block; he’ll play in goalline situations.

183 – Broncos are on the clock.

Need a center, LB, a RB.

Eric Olsen, C from Notre Dame.  The Broncos are done unless they trade in so they aren’t worried about their needs at LB or RB.

184 – Giants are on the clock:

They need some offensive line help.

They draft Adrian Tracy, DE from William & Mary.  This guy was essential in William and Mary’s big win over Virginia last year and was all over the field making plays.  I made that up, but it sounded good right?

185 – Seahawks are on the clock:

OT is the only need I see left.

TE Anthony McCoy, 6’4 260 from USC.  He gets to go play for Pete Carroll and frankly I’m shocked he’s still available.  Character concerns had him dropped from about a 2-3 round pick.

186 – Browns are on the clock:

OLB is the last need I have for them.

Clifton Geathers, DE from South Carolina.  He could play OLB in the Browns 3-4.

187  – Texans are on the clock:

Safety and DT are still needs.

Guard Shelley Smith out of Colorado State.  She’s a little small for the position, but she plays with a mean streak.  Will have a hard time lining up against DTs.

188 – Steelers are on the clock:

QB is the only thing I would like them to take.

Jonathan Dwyer, FB/HB from Georgia Tech.  Dwyer is big tough RB but lacks the speed and agility to be a tailback in the NFL, that’s why he slid this far.  He could be the next Jerome Bettis though going to the Steel City.

189 – Rams are on the clock:

Still waiting on them to take a backup RB.

Eugene Sims, DE from Texas A&M, make that West Texas A&M.

190 – Oakland is on the clock:

They don’t need a QB anymore.  Their needs have mostly been met.  They really have done a good job this draft.

It’s another LB to add to that impressive corps –  Travis Gothel a 6’2 240 pounder from Arizona State.

191 – Bengals are on the clock:

Safety is their last need, they’ve had a great draft so far.

Dezmon Briscoe, WR from Kansas.  Shocked this guy went this late, especially going after Kerry Meier who isn’t nearly as good in my (and most people’s) opinion. High talent who ran slow at the combine to add to his character issues.  This could be a big steal as long as he stays out of trouble.

192 – Bills are on the clock:

QBs are gone, they still need that LT.

Another DE, Danny Batten, from South Dakota State.

193 – Packers are on the clock:

Glaring needs have completely been ignored this draft, lets see if they add another DT to their stable.  I think they plan to start 5 next year.

They draft a RB that most people have never heard of who didn’t play football last season, James Starks out of Buffalo.  He was a productive player his junior year, but once again the Packers draft a player who may have not even been on any other teams board.

194 – Ravens are on the clock:

Still need a CB and this is their last pick.

Ramon Harewood, OT from Morehouse.  A good pick. The Ravens have 4 OTs already, but only one is any good, Michael Oher.

195 – Steelers are on the clock:

Still would like to see a QB.

It’s Antonio Brown, WR from Central Michigan.  He’s not tall, he’s not fast, he’s not special.  Probably won’t make the team.

196 – Cowboys are on the clock:

Still need a Safety, a G, and a Defensive lineman.

CB Jamar Wall from Texas Tech. He’s a local guy who will contribute on special teams.

197 – Texans are on the clock:

Trindon Holliday, KR from LSU.  It’s a great pick, he’ll contribute immediately and could turn into Darren Sproles in the future.

198 – Panthers are on the clock:

Another WR in David Gettis from Baylor.  What are they going to do with all these WRs… they can’t all make the team.

199 – Vikings are on the clock:

Still need safety help.  They are talking up Myron Rolle and he would be a fantastic choice.

It’s a QB, Joe Webb from UAB.  He’s an athletic QB who may move to WR.

It’s crazy to me that Rolle has not been picked.  The Packers took a marginal RB who hasn’t played in a year.  Rolle was a fantastic safety who’s been in school, not sidelined due to injury, and he is still sitting around waiting.  With all the emphasis put on character, why the hell is he still sitting there?

200 – Eagles are on the clock:

My mother-in-law is telling me about the colors she painted her house.  I should recruit this dog.

A really good tailback pick late in the draft, Charles Scott.  He is NFL ready in my opinion.  He is a load and can push the pile, great choice.

201 – Cardinals are on the clock:

CB is the main need and they have to address it.

Jorrick Calvin, CB from Troy.  Good choice to fill that hole and a great location for Calvin to go where he is really needed.

202 – Panthers are on the clock:

DT is the last need I have for them.

They draft Jordan Pugh a DB from Texas A&M.

203 – Jaguars are on the clock:

Broken record, Safety, WR, LB

Scotty McGee, Kr from James Madison.  Should play WR.  This is atleast close to filling a hole.

204 – Panthers are back on the clock:

Tony Pike, QB from Cincinnati, shocking pick.  The gap between Clausen and Pike is not as big as most people think.  This gives Carolina a roster of 3 Qbs with very little experience.

205 – Patriots are on the clock:

OL Ted Larsen from NC State, good player, apparently they want him to play center.  He was a Defensive tackle not too long ago.

206 – 49ers are on the clock:

Still need a CB and probably a QB.

Kyle Williams, WR from Arizona State.  A shorter, quicker receiver, may help in return duty.

207 – Titans are on the clock:

Yes, they take Myron Rolle, SS from Florida State.  The Rhodes Scholar goes to a team that can actually use him.  They are lucky to have him.  Good size, good ability.

Round 7

208 – Redskins are on the clock:

208 – Patriots are on the clock after a trade:

Thomas Welch, OT from Vandy.

209 – Bills are on the clock:

Levi Brown, QB from Troy.  Did the Bills want Levi and know they could get him here?  They waited a long time to make a move.  Good for Levi.

210 – Bucs are on the clock:

Cody Grimm, S from Virginia Tech.  Good run stuffer but his size limits him.  He flies around and will make a name on special teams at the least.

211 – Rams are on the clock:

Marquis Johnson, CB from Alabama.  Really?  It is a seventh round pick, but Alabama has had 3 CBs taken this draft.

212 – Dolphins on the clock:

Chris McCoy, OLB from MTSU.  Fills another hole in that depth chart.

213 – Lions are on the clock:

Willie Young, DE NC. State.  A wasted pick.

214 – Vikings are on the clock:

They drafted a QB last time, but he’s going to play WR, Levi Brown is gone.  Could they go with a guy like Jarrett Brown or do they just ignore the QB position in this draft?

Mickey Shuler, TE from Penn State.  It’s a need because their TE corps is very old, but I doubt he makes the team.

215 – Raiders are on the clock:

Jeremy Ware, CB Michigan State, some competition for Walt McFadden, but not much competition.  This guy may make the roster as the last CB.

216 – Bills are on the clock:

Kyle Calloway, OT from Iowa.  Iowa offensive lineman are everywhere this draft.

217 – Bucs are on the clock:

Dekoda Watson, FSU LB.  Best choice of the 7th round by far.  I really like this speedy LB and it fills a need for Tampa Bay

218 – Bears are on the clock:

J’Marcus Webb, OT from West Texas A&M.  That’s two players from West Texas A&M if I’m not mistaken.

219 – Redskins are on the clock:

Terrence Austin, WR from UCLA.

220 – Lions are on the clock, nope, trade, make that the Eagles:

Jamar Chaney, LB from Mississippi State.  Good tough worker, might make the team in Philly.

221 – Giants are on the clock:

Matt Dodge, P from East Carolina.

222 – Titans are on the clock:

Marc Mariani, WR from Montana.

223 – Bengals are on the clock:

R.J. Stanford, CB from Utah.

224 – 49ers are on the clock:

Philip Admas, DB from South Carolina State.

225 – Broncos are on the clock:

Syd-Quan Thompson, CB from Cal.  A good 7th round cornerback.  He has good speed but didn’t show it in workouts.

226 – Rams are on the clock:

George Selvie, DE from South Florida.  Another good player that had an off year and was punished in the draft.  This time last year you would have thought he was a first 3 rounds player.

227 – Texans are on the clock:

Dorin Dickerson, TE from Pittsburgh.  I small TE who is more of an H-back and I assume that’s where the Texans will use him since they have drafted 2 TEs already.  He does run a 4.4…

228 – Bengals are on the clock:

Reggie Stephens, G from Iowa State.

229 – Redskins are on the clock:

Erik Cook, G from New Mexico.

230 – Packers are on the clock:

C.J. Wilson, DE from East Carolina.

231 – Redskins are on the clock:

Selvish Capers, OT from West Virginia.  He’s too nice, no mean streak.

232 – Broncos are on the clock:

Jammie Kirlew, DE from Indiana.  Was actually a productive end in the Big 10 but was not seen as a pro level player.

233 – Cardinals are on the clock:

Jim Dray TE from Stanford.

With all these Tight Ends, we might see Tommy Trott and Gabe McKenzie go before the day is over.

234 – Cowboys are on the clock:

Sean Lissemore, DT from William & Mary.

235 – Chargers are on the clock:

Derrick Epps, TE from Miami.

236 – Seahawks are on the clock:

Dexter Davis, OLB from Arizona State.  This was a very productive LB in college.  Not thought to have enough ability to play in the pros but you cannot deny his work in college.  Should make the team and could bump Will Herring.

237 – Vikings are on the clock:

Ryan D’Imperio ILB from Rutgers.  Another MLB for the Vikings.  They are throwing these late round picks at that problem.

238 – Colts are on the clock:

Ricardo Mathews, DT from Cincinnati.

239 – The World Champion New Orleans Saints are on the clock:

Sean Canfield, QB from Oregon State.  He was the best QB in the Pac-10 last year, and the Saints really needed a backup.  He’ll likely compete with Chase Daniel for that 3rd spot.  He’s a lefty.

240 – Colts are on the clock:

Kavell Conner, OLB from Clemson.

241 – The Titans are on the clock:

David Howard, DT from Brown.

242 – Steelers are on the clock:

Doug Worthington, DE from Ohio State.

243 – Eagles are on the clock:

Jeff Owens, DT form Georgia.  Not as good as his partner Atkins, but still a solid DT pick for the 7th round.

244 – Eagles are on the clock:

Kurt Coleman, S from Ohio State.  Veteran player.

245 – Seahawks are on the clock:

Jameson Konz, FB from Kent State.

246 – Colts are on the clock:

Antonio Coleman is Mel’s best available LB…  Thanks Mel.

Ray Fisher, CB from Indiana

247 – Patriots are on the clock:

Brandon Deaderick, DE from Alabama.  Boston PD should start installing unbreakable glass in their squad cars.

248 – Patriots are on the clock:

Kade Weston, DT from Georgia.  That’s 3 DTs from Georgia this year.

249 – The Panthers are on the clock:

Robert McClain, CB from UConn.

250 – The Patriots are on the clock:

Zac Robinson, QB from Oklahoma State, couldn’t be a better spot for him.  The backup QB in NE was an undrafted rookie last year if I’m not mistaken.  It’s a short camp from being the #2 guy behind Brady.

251 – The Raiders are on the clock:

Stevie Brown, Safety from Michigan.

252 – The Dolphins are on the clock:

Austin Spitler, LB from Ohio State.

253 – The Bucs are on the clock:

Erik Lorig, DE from Stanford.  A smart, smart DE who knows how to play the game.  He’s too small to stay on the line in the NFL, and may get moved to LB if he makes the roster.

254 – The Rams are on the clock:

Josh Hull, LB from Penn State. That’s about 3 LBS drafted from Penn State.

255 – The Lions are on the clock to take Mr. Irrelevant:

Tim Toone, WR from Weber State.

Thor Burk came to Auburn as a young man in 1997 and never left. He’s always loved Bo Jackson, but his true love of Auburn football proper began in the early 90s. In addition to writing a weekly report on Tiger greats in the NFL, he’s a professional BBQ judge (Memphis certified), and all around foodie. Write to him at [email protected].

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