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Plainslinks passes along the greatest suggestion ever

What’s in a name? Just as “Colt McCoy” was destined from birth to become a Texas Longhorn quarterback, so apparently when you receive the middle name “WarEagle” from your parents your destiny is to one day paint your wedding dress burnt orange and navy blue outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium on A-Day. As destinies go, that one’s pretty freaking awesome, I’d say.

Anyways, you may have already seen the above here at TWER, but I figured it was worth re-sharing, as a lot of recent content here has been: Thor’s draft recaps (one two three), a couple of recent entries to Bo Knows Blog, Ben’s meditation on A-Day and the Old 280 Boogie, the latter of which we have a remarkable set of photographs from. Click around.

You have chosen … poorly. I know I’m supposed to have come out of draft weekend feeling happier for Ben Tate (taken right where he was supposed to be taken, 2nd round to the Texans) and Walt McFadden (5th round to the Raiders, a hair higher than projected on average) than disappointed for Antonio Coleman … but dammit to hell, did the SEC’s leader in sacks and tackles-for-loss really just go undrafted? There were really that many more quality pass-rushers in college football last year? Sorry, not buying it.

What makes it worse is that Coleman might have gone as high as the second round last year. Instead he comes back to help the new staff, fights through that damn wrist injury, terrorizes Ole Miss in the most important win of the season, finishes the year as Auburn’s best defender by a mile, makes first-team All-SEC, and is rewarded with … a free agent contract to Buffalo. I know there’s no justice in this sporting world, but it sure sucks to be reminded of it like this. Prove ’em all wrong, Antonio. (Ben’s got a nice response here.)

As an aside, Auburn had as many players drafted as Vanderbilt and one fewer than Kentucky. Yes, I think it’s fair to say the talent level on the 2008 and 2009 squads was “down.”

As a second aside, did the Auburn fan’s new favorite NFL team really have to be the Raiders? Campbell, Groves, and McFadden couldn’t have convened in, say, Seattle?

Epic, epic win. OK, not the Auburn baseball series against Kentucky, which did indeed wind up as a two games to one win but a much closer one than most Auburn fans (yours truly included) envisioned. No, I’m referring to this beyond-brilliant PPL suggestion:

So imagine this: Auburn is at home and some unfortunate soul from the opposing team strikes out to end the inning. That, I think, is the best scenario. For a batter, strikeouts hurt the most. Striking out to end the inning? Even worse. Then to make matters worse, as the player is trotting back to the dugout, a little sullen, maybe a little depressed, who should greet him over the Video Screen?

YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I spent the weekend in Phoenix and caught the D-backs and Rays Sunday afternoon, and every time a batter struck out to end the inning, I was thinking “Keyboard Cat would be 300 percent perfect right here.” Make this happen, Auburn powers that be.

(Also: read Kevin’s thoughts on the Kentucky series.)

Etc. The Chattanooga paper recaps where all 12 SEC quarterback races stand after their spring games; thanks to Jordan Jefferson, Matt Simms, Aaron Murray, the Vandy QBs, etc., Cam Newton’s not the only guy whose stats didn’t look so hot (via GTP) … Gulf Shores All-State quarterback Logan Paul will walk on at Auburn … a member of the Thrashers pwned some n00bz in  pickup game in Birmingham … and if you’re following the NBA playoffs at all, you’ve got to start following this site.

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