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Krootin’: Prowl redux, etc.

Prowlin’. There’s little doubt that by now you’ve already seen the pictures and read about the barnstorming stops and maybe even made plans to attend one of said stops. This being the case, it’s safe to say that yes, Tiger Prowl II has started off by accomplishing exactly what it wanted to accomplish– namely keeping the Auburn football program’s name in the headlines and Internet watercoolers for another week following spring practice.

One minor complaint, though: couldn’t they have stuck with the limos? I thoroughly enjoyed the hyperventilating from various other corners of the conference last season, not least because most of the hyperventilating came not in reaction to the idea of seven of Auburn’s coaches traveling together but solely because they were doing so in limos. I understand the need to class things up by switching to the tres awesome Coach for Coaches, but just for my own personal lulz, I’d have preferred the patina of skeeze that came with the limos. Just sayin’. (UPDATE: Apparently, they agreed as far as Day 2 is concerned.)

As for more important matters, it appears Bryan Matthews is going to provide all the on-the-ground Prowl coverage you need. Stops to-date include Spanish Fort, Daphne, Davidson, Vigor, Leflore, B.C. Rain, and now (at AUUndercover) Columbus. Responses are the standard coach- and recruit-speak (“exciting,” “special,” “impressive,” “very exciting,” etc.) but hey, I’ll take as many “exciting”‘s as we can get.

A few more krootin’ links for you as we wait for shots of the Coach for Coaches’ interior to surface:

— Probably the big development in all of Southeastern recruiting this week will be Christian Lemay’s Friday announcement of his leader and two additional “finalists.” If these seems like the sort of non-announcement that doesn’t necessarily deserve the press conference treatment it’s going to get, consider that 1. the Lemays (Christian and his father) are essentially announcing a commitment, just with the caveat they’re still taking visits and that they’ll have an out if something crazy happens with the coaching staff (like, say, Mark Richt being forced to fire Mike Bobo and hiring Tony Franklin instead) 2. dude, Lemay is a hell of  a quarterback.

As for what Auburn’s odds of being named Lemay’s leader are, they’re not good. The consensus seems to have Georgia No. 1, Clemson No. 2, and Auburn a distant third. But both Lemays did at least enjoy their visit to Auburn, so you never know.

— Auburn’s one of five finalists for mega-recruit Ray Drew. Drew hasn’t named a leader to the best of my (limited) knowledge, so if Chizik and Co. can get him to Big Cat Weekend, maybe Auburn has room to make a move. But it’s always going to be an uphill battle with a recruit this sought-after; the Tigers would have to beat out quite literally every major program in the Southeast and the likes of USC and Notre Dame besides.

— There’s not any immediate news regarding Washington D.C. offensive tackle Jamar Lewter, but I thought I’d mention him because he seems like such an intriguing prospect. A members of the Rivals Watch List and a four-star at  Scout, Lewter has some early guru approval but doesn’t have a national profile just yet–Auburn is the first and so far only SEC team to offer him, though he does boast offers from USC (that USC) and virtually every team on the Eastern seaboard. It’s possible Auburn’s gotten in early on another major sleeper a la Shon Coleman. Could we get him? He told Miami’s ESPN site

I know I’m going to be there for four years so I want to see where they rank in what I want to major in. Staying close to home is not an issue at all. If I don’t play as a true freshman, it gives me more time to get where I need to be. I think I’m ready but there is a little bit more that I can work on before I can say I’m truly ready to play the college game.

which sounds kind of positive though it’d obviously be a positive for USC and Miami, too. Again: we’ll see what happens if he shows for Big Cat.

— Auburn Eagle has a comprehensive list of Auburn’s top targets. I think the general tenor is more optimistic than I’d adopt (would it really take “something crazy” for Gabe Wright to go elsewhere?), but it’s a useful resource and the rumors being mongered are plenty juicy.

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