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Plainslinks was fun while it lasted

We'll always have the shirts.

The NCAA: hating fun since 19-aught-suck. As you’ve probably heard by now, the NCAA moved last night to prohibit more than two coaches from visiting any one high school at any one time during the spring evaluation period. Effective immediately. Tiger Prowl–or, at least, the recruiting-intensive arm of the larger …

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Google surveys the recruits: Joel Bonomolo

Tickets to the gun show are free, ladies. (And Auburn fans.)

In which a recruit’s name is plugged into Google and the bits of information that trickle out–guru ratings, newspaper profiles, YouTube highlights, all that stuff–are synthesized in the hopes of getting a clearer picture of the player we’ll see at Auburn next fall. Previously: Jessel Curry, Craig Sanders, Roszell Gayden, …

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Newtonian links

Look upon him and despair, SEC.

"I won't put any more pressure than what's already been on my back, unneeded pressure. I'm just going to continue to do what I do. That's just lead by example. I'm not going to go outside my means, going outside my persona to do something I'm not. So I'm just going to keep doing what I do. Evidently it's worked so far."

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Plainslinks ends the drama


Debate closed. Did anyone see Gene Chizik naming his new quarterback on a random Wednesday in post-spring April? I did not, but here we are: Auburn junior quarterback Cameron Newton has surfaced as the No. 1 quarterback coming out of spring practice, announced head coach Gene Chizik, Wednesday. “After thoroughly …

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Taylor Swift yells “War Eagle”

Comes in and hugs at 3:30, War Eagles at 6:15… … Keep Reading: * 1986 Auburn jockstrap * She was smokin’ in the classroom… * “Cougar Town” star gets Glom’ed * Lead singer for Journey in an Auburn shirt * Former Nitro Girl recalls time at Auburn * Drew Carey’s …

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