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February 12, 2010: An Retrosnowspective

The Mysterious wardamnphil???

Videos taken of Auburn Snow Day 2010 are like the snowflakes themselves – different shapes, different embed codes, no two alike!

TWER contributor Liz Hardeman recently took to the ‘Tube in order to assess the accumulation since the magic of early mid-February, and several notable inches have indeed stuck.

So let us take the occasion of spring’s official arrival to look back on Auburn Snow Day 2010 with smiling hearts and freshly uploaded eyes… or something.

1 ) First up – the magnificent Snowmotion Auburn, a 1,872 shot time lapse opus by the mysterious wardamnphil which I seriously can’t believe hasn’t gotten more play (just 70 views as of press time!):

2 ) Next is we don’t get much snow in auburn, a brilliant piece of performance art featuring Brent Bennett on a four-wheeler dragging his fiancee Melissa Beard through the snow in a Kayak while being chased by a dog  — clicking “click to play” will take you to Weather.com, but it’s worth it.

Posted to Weather.com User Video by bennebr on February 12, 2010

3 ) As of press time – I like saying it – only 99 people have seen Auburn Snow daywhich, as the title implies, is a rather typical, but still quaint, scene of Auburn students assaulting what looks to be a possibly Bama’d pick up with a slingshotted snow ball.

4 ) I think the real reason I included Auburn Snow day is because, if that reddish truck is one of them, it’s a nice segue into Auburn Snowball Mob, a different angled document of the glorious Battle of Samford Lawn. While not as detailed as TWER’s own Hit’em High, Hit’em Low (taken on the other flank)…

…it captures the almost single-cell’ed response to the “Bama Fan!” call to arms; that we were all so bothered by Crimson Hoodie — the brothers closest to the camera in this video were a second regiment removed from the original tip of the spear — is a refreshing testament to the right thinking of the Auburn student.

For another perspective, the very familiar looking girl (is she the girl from the first American Idol Season 7 audition?) at the end of this AU-produced or hosted or whatever it is video of folks talking about the snow day was an eye-witness:

Find more videos like this on Auburn Family

Speaking of Crimson Hoodie, he wrote us an e-mail and seems like your average (though still unfortunately aligned) nice enough guy  and MMA fighter who played Halo with Dansby and Evander Holyfield Jr on his way to an Auburn nursing degree:

The Bama hoodie was pretty funny. I have 2 of them and actually thought I’d grabbed my AuburnMMA one until we were there and everyone started taking pot shots at me and my boys. All in good fun! For me Auburn was the better school tho. Less greek/more house parties/beautiful campus.

5 ) A girl trying to slide down the short hill behind Samford Hall in “That was not very fun” comes in 5th fifth in this un-ranked list:

6 ) Thanks to the campaign signs, the dudes in Snow Day in Auburn, AL have a little more sledding luck. They also take out one of the maybe thousands snowmen*:

7 ) Campaign signs, kayaks, four-wheelers…but Snow Day in Auburn gives us actual, legit snowboarders. And I’m still impressed:

8 ) Another oldie but goodie from, yes, TWER – a nice 25mph pan down College St. in the thick of it, punctuated with a nice, random flip at the end:

9 ) Remember Snowmotion Auburn? Well, dude is back. For theme and flow, I suppose I should had this at the beginning – a minute worth of 20-seconds-apart photos taken of the first flurries by the mysterious wardamnphil, who I’m sure the featured Jeep (nice touch) belongs to. But I wanted to start off with a bang. War Damn Snow is still nice:

10 ) But for theme and flow, we will end with Good Morning, Auburn, the mysterious wardamnphil’s (follow him home to Atlanta!) video of one-every-five-seconds sunrise shots of the campus the morning after Auburn Snow Day 2010:

UPDATE: Yes, per the second comment, add this one to the pile: Pretty Auburn coeds plus one dude building and then murdering a snowman at Keisel Park.

snoooow dayyy from tylre on Vimeo.

If you’ve got a good one, send it on…

* This go round, there were also an… intriguing… number of lingerie’d and even “nude” snow women: one in the front yard of a church, two within twenty yards of each other at an apartment complex, and at least one of which was born of the boredom of “our” “own” Alice Fraasa.

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