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Auburn’s new football site is kind of mind-blowing

Screencap. No justice done here.

If you’d asked me when I woke up this morning if any site not directly NCAA Tournament-related could cause me to waste a solid half-hour of prime bracketeering and make me think I’d still only scratched the surface of it, I’d have told you you were crazy. Crazy!

And yet the answer as it turns out is “Oh hell yes,” because Auburn’s debuted a new football site at auburnwareagle.com and its is an absolute marvel of modern hypemongering. If you are not an Auburn fan, you will likely scoff at its bombast and seriousness. If you are an Auburn fan, however, it’s about to become your favorite site in the entire world. To wit:

— The Auburn Creed, set to a soundtrack of Awesome.

— Every important “Every Day …” clip.

— Player videos … introduced by even shorter videos of Kodi and A.C.

— Toilet paper animation in the “Toomer’s” section of the panorama.

— Gene Chizik. Specifically, the back of his jacket and the side of his head.

— Bo highlights–ones you probably haven’t seen in a while.

That’s enough of your time I’ve wasted describing the indescribable. Leave here. Go there.

HT: @auppl.

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