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Spring newsbits, 3/31

Mike Blanc is big. Is there a reason we haven't started calling him "Mont" yet?

The usual collection of tidbits from today’s (and other recent) practice reports, culled–as always–from the fine work done by beat writers Andy Bitter, Jay G. Tate, Charles Goldberg, and Evan Woodbery. Bryan Matthews is also on the scene. On with it: –The defensive coaching staff must have a metric freaking …

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Spring questions, No. 1: Can Cameron Newton, you know, complete passes?

It's not the size of the arm, it's how he uses it.

Because everything else this offense might want Cam Newton to do, he can do. He can run the option, both zone read and traditional. He can get the ball downfield on a rope. He can make wonderful things happen when a play breaks down. He can--most importantly--force defensive coordinators to account for him as something other than a hand-off-delivery vehicle.

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Spring newsbits: catchin’ up

Onterrio McCalebb: now useless fake punt-proof. (Hopefully.)

So thanks to another midweek getaway–the last one for a while, I promise*–it’s been a few days since we recapped the goings-on at Auburn’s spring camp. Which is a shame, since there’s a ton to report. That reporting, as always, has been done by Messrs. Bitter, Tate, and Goldberg, must-reads …

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