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Yet another post on recruiting (but not this one)

As delightful as this past recruiting cycle was to follow–and fun as the current one has already been–your humble Auburn blogger has been ready to discuss something that’s not 17-year-olds, “stars,” and official visits for a little while.

Too bad for me, then! The ACC & SEC Blog has asked a series of bloggers across the two conferences to take a look back at their teams’ 2006 and 2007 classes (as well as their most recent one) and answer a collection of questions. I was of course happy to oblige, and you can read the results here. A sampling:

Q: For an overall recruiting philosophy, how has it changed under Chizik as opposed to Tuberville?

A: Geographically speaking, it honestly hasn’t changed that much. Chizik’s first class followed the same pattern as Tubby’s better ones: a handful of top-shelf in-state recruits, some sleepers plucked from the quieter areas in the state, and then a selection of big out-of-state targets to really flesh out the class.

Chizik’s talked a lot about returning Auburn’s recruiting to its in-state roots, but I don’t think this most recent class has been all that different in terms of demographics than Tubby’s first several classes or quality 2007 haul.

However, there’s been a big difference between Chizik’s first full-cycle effort and Tubby’s last couple of classes in terms of the quality of recruit pursued.

If you’re interested in the rest–and there’s more to that answer and eight other questions’ worth besides–please click over.

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