What would you ask Gus Malzahn?

There can be only one.

Our experienced sit-downer Ben Bartley will soon sit down (or is it over the phone? e-mail?) for an interview with Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. Granted, he will conduct it in his official capacity as copy editor for The Auburn Plainsman (and, rumor has it, with the blast shield down). But lines blur so in this crazy digillenium – who knows, he might sneak out with a nugget tray, just for us.

So… what kind of sauce do you TWERPs (The War Eagle Reader, People of) want?

If you had the chance to interview Dr. Gustav, what would you ask?

Do you really draw up plays with salt and pepper shakers?

Can we clone you?

What’s it like following Tony Franklin? *

Submit your questions as they come to you in the comments section before the stroke of midnight Sunday.

Be probing, be creative, be funny, be whatever.

Ben needs you.

* all Kenny Smith

Yes you can have it (and in plenty of different colors, sizes and styles)… just click the picture.

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