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Plainslinks likes its rumors HOT

Michael Dyer and Dakota Mosley. Dig the congratulatory banner. Photo via Auburntron.

Signing Day is forever. Or at least, coverage of it is, where “forever” is defined as “the following two to three weeks or so.” This is a good thing, since the last few days have proven there’s plenty of HOT RUMORS that can still trickle out regarding last Wednesday’s results. Track ‘Em serves up a healthy portion of them from Scout writer Mark Murphy, this one being the most intriguing (of a dozen different candidates) to me:

Antonio Goodwin – Had Trooper Taylor extremely anxious over his commitment. He’s a hard guy to get a hold of because he couldn’t afford a cell. We didn’t have contact with him for days at a time and we never felt 100% until his signature came in. Georgia was always a huge player here. Apparently Troop went nuts when his letter came through. He likes his ability a ton and worked on him a lot.

Goodwin became something of an afterthought after Trovon Reed committed and we didn’t hear much about him at the Under Armour game, but in case you’ve forgotten, he had offers from the entire Southeast. If Taylor was this excited about him, maybe it’s time he quits getting overlooked.

Over at Warblogle, Kurt reprints an e-mail from a guy who knows a guy as part of a big krootin’ reaction roundup, offering another clutch of rumor HOTness regarding Seastrunk, Markeith Ambles, etc. The highlight:

DJ Howard and Lattimore were talking to each other the whole time. The coaches were telling Lattimore that Howard was going to be moved to safety right away and then they would tell Howard he would get a shot at running back. They felt they were being misled and that turned them off of Auburn. That being said, Howard begged the coaches for his offer and would have come to Auburn if he had the opportunity.

I’m not sure this entirely passes the smell test–why would the coaches have to reassure Lattimore about competition from Howard when Dyer was already in the fold?–but the HOT timeline at the time had Howard calling Chizik and Co. to ask for his offer between Lattimore notifying the coaches of his decision and his announcement. So maybe there’s something to the idea the two of them communicating.

In any case: all water under the bridge now. Water that’s lots of fun to read and guess about.

Kudos. You’ve no doubt seen this elsewhere by now, but: Trooper and Luper both wound up on Rivals’ list of the top (non-head coach) recruiters of the year. It’s richly deserved, but let’s also throw a shout-out to Grimes and Rocker, who between them signed 10 linemen ranked four stars or better. It’s not a surprise with Rocker, really, but the low-key hiring of Grimes has turned out to be just as shrewd a move for Chizik as the rest of his decisions on the Plains.

Grades. A popular question Signing Day question (and topic of discussion since) is which members of Auburn’s class might not qualify. That’s the sort of thing that mostly gets whispered and rumored about until the class actually arrives this August, but we do have two media-confirmed academic risks. As you probably know by now, one of them is Jeremy Richardson, though after what he’s been through no one can fault him. As for the other, it’s just a tidbit in Luke Brietzke’s Signing Day post, but …

Justin Delaine
Position: DE
Height, weight: 6-5, 225
School: Linden
Notes: Three-star defensive end runs a 4.58 40-yard dash… Grades could be an issue for Delaine.

That would be quite a shame: Delaine is described by virtually everyone as one of Auburn’s most impressive physical prospects but also a player who needs a lot of polish, the kind of polish Tracy Rocker would provide a lot more of than a JUCO d-line coach. Here’s to hoping.

(And while we’re discussing Brietzke … I’ve e-mailed back and forth with Luke a couple of times and generally think he does an excellent job, but what the hell was up with his story on the Lattimore decision? Missing out on Latt hurt, sure, but “Any remaining dreams Auburn had of winning a mythical recruiting championship slipped away Tuesday”? “A cold finish could shift perception of the job Gene Chizik and his staff have done this year. Lattimore’s decision launched that potential slide”? “With Lattimore’s decision, though, the Tigers could whiff on their last three prospects”? Even at the time, Lattimore’s choice was hardly a disaster for Auburn; you can’t be the “crown jewel” of a class that’s already got a five-star, sure-thing running back, can you? I’m more than willing to give Brietzke the benefit of the doubt, and assume things got away from him as he looked for the angle that made his Lattimore story as important as possible … but these kinds of wild prophecies of doom and gloom for Auburn aren’t going to do much to change the perception the state’s media write with a crimson slant.)

Lemonews. If you read EDSBS–and who doesn’t?–you’ve probably gotten wind of these Facebook-filched pictures of Corey Lemonier in a closet full of … unusual … firearms and sitting in a Corvette. Seeing as the pictures don’t mean anything other than “Lemonier needs to be a lot more careful with his Facebook account”, he’s probably in the clear, but I remain worried we’re going to be subjected to some kind of talk-radio-grade media squawking over them in the next few days.

Lemonier also has a cameo in Mark Schlabach’s blow-by-blow account of Jimbo Fisher’s first Signing Day at Florida St. Fisher’s not particularly gracious in the wake of Lemonier’s decision to sign with AU, to which Auburn fans would like to say: HA-ha.

BlAUgosphere. The Auburner’s posted actual content! It’s kind of all over the place, but who cares when you’ve got gems like this:

By the way, in 1977, the same year Alabama won a national championship, the movie “Apollo” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was a movie about a champion with many championships who fought a loser and won. To enjoy the movie from any other perspective would’ve been stupid – only a loser would want to watch that movie since only losers applaud the efforts of fellow losers.

I LOL’d like hell. Elsewhere, John at the Sleeper Team goes over the offensive two-deep and here at TWER Jeremy finds a pair of bizarro ’80s PSAs filmed in and around Auburn.

Powers. As in, the kind that take you from being a junior at Auburn to starting in the Super Bowl in the space of a year. Like nearly everyone else I was rooting for the Saints–I mean, it’s New Orelans, c’mon–but it was still awfully, awfully cool to watch Jerraud Powers prove the doubters wrong.

Etc. Auburn’s No. 1 equestrian team holds onto their ranking vs. South Carolina … A list of names to know for 2011 in-state recruiting (Spencer Region among them) … Evan Woodbery looks back at Auburn’s 2005 signing class, which produced a ton of solid defenders, especially in the secondary, but whose best offensive product was Tommy Trott … Paul Westerdawg calls Auburn fans “passionately ambivalent” about our basketball program; wish I could argue with that description … I can’t stop laughing at this:

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