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  1. Just about fell over after reading the final score last night. Thanks for the thorough recap. Plus, that was a really cool shoutout about the halftime show. I’ve seen them at the Nuggets twice and it is amazing to see.

  2. Awesome hoops stuff, as always.

    Yeah, that was a nice win to get. Everybody played well overall, although Tye Armstrong never really got in there, and it seemed like Reed got his minutes cut a little bit (haven’t looked it up, but that’s what it seemed like) which is kind of unfortunate because no matter how good we played last night with or without him, there’s still a zero percent chance the team is better off with Wallace or anyone else in the game. So hopefully this was just circumstances attributed to the big lead or personel or something.

    Quick Change was mind blowing, like every other time. You’d think after seeing them three times you’d figure out how they might do it, but nope, I’m convinced it’s legit Voodoo or something.

    And since I totally missed out on the capacity discussion last go round — Really, seeing as Beard-Eaves is 10,500, I think it’d be better if they dropped in on down even more. Like to 8,000 or so. I’d much rather have an actual atmosphere than a cavernous open space where you can hear the sneaker squeeks echoing out into the emptiness.

    Also, if a second NIT berth in six years stone-cold clinches a coach another year… well, then, that’s just depressing to think about.


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