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‘Wild Bill’ Cody remembers first year of Saints’ ‘outdoor party’

From the 1966 Glom: Bill Cody recovers a Steve Spurrier fumble for his second touchdown (he also ran back an interception) in Auburn's 1965 NBC-televised homecoming win over Florida.

Former Tiger great Bill Cody (’63-’66) remembers the New Orleans Saints’ first year of football:

For Cody, the atmosphere and activities along the sidelines during home games made playing in New Orleans unique.

“They were just unbelievable, the wildest stuff you could imagine,” he said. “We had (trumpeter) Al Hirt and (clarinetist) Pee Wee (Spitelera). They had a little podium behind our bench and they played all during the game. It was an outdoor party. Everybody was drunk. It was just the wildest thing you’ve ever seen.”

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