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Thursday, January 21, 2010 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** Jerry, hurry home. Recruiting developments galore. We need you! — JDH

*** Malzahn on Tulsa’s new OC:

“I’m excited for (Chad Morris),” Auburn offensive coordinator Malzahn said about Tulsa’s newly hired offensive coordinator. “He’s a former high school coach, and he’s done it right. He’s worked hard to get to this moment, and I’m tickled to death for him.”

Speaking of Malzahn, here’s the perfect shirt for ridin’ the Gus Bus into signing day…

You can order it (and other items) HERE.

And uh, speaking of shirts — yes, there’s going to be lots of what is known in blogspeak as shameless self-promotion around here for a little while. But I would like to point out that I am not responsible for the e-mail with the photo of the fantastic “I’m wearing this Auburn shirt because I went to Auburn. You’re wearing that Bama shirt because you went to Walmart” shirt* that has been forwarded to me six times in the last week. Because if I had started it – I would have included… you know… the web address to the Wear Eagle store so people could buy it.**

*I want to against stipulate that the genius behind the shirt is not mine, but Chris Shelling Jr.’s, who used it on a Birmingham Bama fan the night of the championship game.

** Mr. or Mrs. Zazzle copycat? Not cool.


*** Conan O’brien does Bama fans.

*** Random Sonny Smith line: A story on the mercenary cycle of the new college coach includes this random, almost pointless remembered-quote from Sonny Smith:

Former Auburn basketball Coach Sonny Smith used to joke that Auburn bought football Coach Pat Dye a huge ranch outside of Auburn.

“They gave me a mobile home and told me not to take the wheels off of it,” Smith would tell you.

… you know… for what that’s worth. — JDH

*** “I’d like to have a big-screen TV on the damn thing” – A Fairhope sculptor is fashioning drainage pipes and propane tanks (reminds me of that King of the Hill episode) into giant football players for an installation piece in tribute to the Iron Bowl. The work was commissioned by the United States Sports Academy, located in Daphne, where it will be displayed.

The idea for the Iron Bowl piece came from Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Sports Academy, who would like the sculpture to be a work in progress.

“He wants to add two players every year,” Larsen said. “It’ll eventually a very big sculpture, and a sprawling one.”

Larsen has his own ideas about making the artwork interactive.

“I’d like to have a big-screen TV on the damn thing during the Iron Bowl,” he said. “Have a tailgate party. Then, whoever wins gets to switch the logo on the helmet.”

Larsen said a camera could be mounted on site so the network telecasting the Auburn-Alabama game could switch live to Daphne for the ritual of switching the logo for the winning side.

I can’t believe the reporter didn’t go into where the dude’s loyalties lie, but his assistant / nephew is “an artist in Auburn,” so either way, at least it might look good. — JDH

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