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Monday, January 18, 2010 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** Dang. Jay Gouge is the 9th highest paid public college president, according to a report today from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Via So Right Carl:

It’s the first time an Auburn president has cracked the Top 10. Sure, it’s mostly because of pay-freezes and that some of the fat cats retired…
But still, it’s better than Bama’s Robert Witt, who missed out on a raise for the second year in a row and is tied for 26th (with UAB’s Carol Garrison) on the Chronicle’s list.
… you got to earn, son.

*** Two opinions. One game.

Was it the best game of the year? Over at Dr. Saturday, Matt Hinton’s “‘09 Rewind: Counting down the season’s best games” ranked the Outback Bowl matchup of Auburn vs. Northwestern as the No. 1 game of the year:

No stakes, just right at the Outback Bowl, where even a generic outline — underdog gains 621 total yards, erases 14-point fourth-quarter deficit to force overtime despite committing six turnovers — would put this one among the few great, unhinged postseason showdowns of the decade.

But the delight here is in the sprawling chaos of it all, the tangle of unlikely details that added up to an absurd New Year’s sideshow. Specifically, it was impossible to turn away from the spectacle of Northwestern trading in each of its nine lives, one by one, until it had none left to give.

But hold on! Much like a wonderful game-ending sack sullied by an inadvertent face mask penalty, one fellow SEC blogger firmly disagrees with that assessment. It seems someone’s “best” game can be another’s “worst.”

RollBamaRoll‘s “2009 Postseason Awards” that was posted today gives the Outback Bowl a nefarious award of “Worst Game of the Year.”

But! … how? … wait a minute! Worst? Us fans of Auburn can agree that it was one of worst “called” games by officials for the year. Also I think we can definitely agree that it was bad for the nerves (I broke out the champagne thrice … THRICE I SAID! before I could pop the cork to celebrate. That was frustrating fer sure.)

Personally, I think someone woke up as Mr. Crimson Crankypants on New Year’s Day. — JMC

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