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Plainslinks says better late than never

Check this. Via Auburntron, an aerial shot of the new basketball arena:

Not anything revelatory for those of you on the ground on campus, I’m sure, but for the expatriates among us … dude, that thing is looking sweet. Won’t be there for the grand opening, but I’m going to make it back for a hoops game next winter come hell or high water. If Auburn hoops can’t generate atmosphere in there, then it really will be time to blame the fans.

‘Bout time. Antonio Coleman received his belated invitation to the NFL Combine this a.m., righting one of the more egregious wrongs I can remember in the “Auburn player gets scorned by the pros” department. So how do you feel about your invite vis a vis your decision to return for your senior year, Antonio?

“I think I made the best decision of my life to come back and play another year,” Coleman said. “There are just so many things I love about Auburn. There are so many things I love about these coaches. There are so many things I love about these guys I play with. That all just made me want to come back and play.”

Tear ’em to pieces, Antonio, and get yourself paid. We’ll be watching. War Eagle.

And hey, speaking of former Tigers gettin’ paid and doing us proud, Jerraud Powers is a couple of weeks away from (possibly) starting in the Super Bowl. It’s not all Manning; with the Colts; an organization that can realizes it can draft a 5-10 (possibly) corner that ends up winning a starting job in the third round has a lot to do with their success, too.

Everything you wanted to know about the Auburn baseball team. Seriously. I mean that. With Plainsman Parking Lot‘s hardball raison d’etre about to get back into the swing of things, it’s not surprising that Kevin celebrated by churning out a great preview of this year’s Tiger team. What might be surprising is just how great said preview is–after all, it spans posts one two and three as well as a look at the SEC race and oh yeah a recruiting class breakdown in one two parts. Kevin’s opinion, in sum:

It’s an exciting time to be an Auburn baseball fan. Looking back on last season (which was disappointing), one of the positives was just how much Auburn had to look forward to next season. You’d get a fresh recruiting class of players Coach John Palowski (CJP) would hand pick and a full year in his system. You wouldn’t get bit by the draft (thanks to rules about players eligibility) and you’d return a core from one of the best offenses (in both the SEC and the country) … This is really all or nothing for the Tigers in 2010. Next year we will (more than likely) lose Kevin Patterson, Trent Mummey, & Hunter Morris to the MLB draft, and could also lose Brian Fletcher and Justin Hargett to the draft as well. Factor in Senior Catcher Ryan Jenkins, and that’s 2/3rds of our offense that is probably playing their final season as an Auburn Tiger. It’s a scary thought for 2011, but for now the maturity of having a stocked and experience lineup, a full season under CJP, has me thinking that this is the year that the curse is broken.

Cheers to that.

Links of a various and diverting nature. Enjoy:

— Acid breaks down the 2010 roster position-by-position.

— Jay Tate talks to Demetruce McNeal and LaDarius Owens about the burgeoning recruiting class and being “the first guys at this party.” More from McNeal at the HABOTN; that he’s noticed Daren Bates was able to get the starting nod from the coaches despite being a true frosh hasn’t escaped his attention, as you’d expect it wouldn’t.

— You’ll never guess what team’s probably going to oversign by somewhere in the neighborhood of nine players.

— Oh baby: Doug is breaking out a fresh list of the 50 Most Loathsome People in College Football, and you know it’s going to be good; Nos. 50-41 are available now.

Here at TWER: Herschel Walker opens foot, inserts mouth about Bo, Auburn’s coeds get some modicum of revenge for the 1990 Southern Miss loss, and Terrell Zachery’s wallpaper is better than your wallpaper.

And finally, your daily dose of random. Via:

HT to @Marcusist.

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