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Apologies: no Hoops Report today. There’s going to be light posting the rest of this week, too, I’m afraid: Mrs. WBE has a week of vacation and we’re trying snow-skiing for the first time in either one of our Alabama-bred lives. Wish our bones’ structural integrity luck.

I should be able to find some time for some brief updates here and there, and of course, as always, there’s a whole site of goodness here outside the WBE precincts. If you haven’t read Jeremy’s revisitation of the legendary Auburn Bjork concert/Jordan-Hare photo shoot, trust me, now’s the time.

See you soon.

(And oh, about the Kentucky game: terrific stuff, the crowd included. But if they’d managed to play like that earlier in the season, we’d have a few more wins, there’d be some postseason hope … and we’d see those crowds more often, right? A team that expects the crowd to show up more than once a season had better show up more than once a season itself.

Still: obviously a terrifically gutty performance, and a reminder that whatever else Lebo’s faults as a coach, his players always do play hard for him.)

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