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Herschel Walker takes weak MMA jab at Bo Jackson

Bo contest.

The #34 vs. the Real #34 “debate” takes an interesting twist thanks to 47-year-old and recently ordained MMA-fighter Herschel Walker’s attempt to “smash the barriers of the impossible” by comparing his dabbling college interest in taekwondo (red-line spell-checked as ‘Wonderbra’) to Bo Jackson’s professional two-sport dynamism.

Most athletes stay in the sport they’re in and they can’t give it up, but I always considered myself a well-rounded athlete. People used to talk about Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders doing two sports. I was doing that for years when I was competing in martial arts tournaments in college, and track & field, and all these different things.

Um, I’m good at wiffle ball, Galaga, and tonsil hockey, if that’s the way you want to play it, Herschel.

No offense, but by “two-sport athletes” – and let’s be for reals about this: it’s really only Bo – we mean athletes that excel (i.e. professionally) at two sports. So if you had been a champion cage-fighter or something during your USFL days, then, you know… maybe.

(By the way, Bo was also a track and field man at heart… and a two-time state champion in the decathlon.)

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