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And the winner of your 2009 TWER Bowl Pick-a-Palooza is …


… commenter audashdriver! Congratulations to him for picking 23 of the 34 bowl games correctly and totaling 409 bowl-pickin’ points. For winning, he receives a two-week supply of pride. (Also, if there’s some particular topic he would love to see blogged about or some particular question answered here at WBE, he can leave that request in the comments.)

Your top 10:

Whatever the standings say, I nominate thejimhammer for runner-up on the basis of using an Arrested Development reference for his entry name. (Third place: bobloblaw22.) Two personal notes:

— You think we bloggers don’t know what we’re talking about, huh? Between myself, TWER’s own John Comer, JRS, and Section 25, we took up four of the top seven slots. Clearly, we are all geniuses.

— I was going to award myself 55 bonus points  for picking the 10 SEC games correctly and declare myself the winner, banana republic dictator-style, until I realized audashdriver had done the same thing. Instead, I should probably deduct 55 points from my score for going a perfect 0-5 in games involving the Mountain West, four of which I had in my top 10 for “confidence.” Like I said: GENIUS.

OK, seriously, we had 42 different people participating and that’s some 7 times more than I was expecting. You are all awesome, thank you so much for participating and reading, and we’ll do it again next year.

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