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A very brief word on Haiti

This blog isn’t the place for any kind of commentary on the Haiti disaster–is anywhere? Are there even words for a disaster of this magnitude taking place in what was already one of the poorest countries on Earth?–but I feel the need to point out how close to home it hits: several SEC players have family in Haiti. LSU’s Ricky Jean-Francois, for instance. Florida’s Wondy Pierre-Louis. Possibly our own Mike Blanc, who I know is of Haitian descent. (I haven’t seen any reports yet on whether he has relatives in the country; maybe we’ll get some today?) Likewise Phillip Pierre-Louis, who’s no relation to Wondy but carries a Haitian surname.

The point: it’s not that far from there to here. Pray. Donate; Orson has suggestions. Remember that even if this very site stands as something of a testament to the opposite, that if Gene Chizik leaves Auburn tomorrow for Tennessee, it doesn’t really matter.


UPDATE: Pierre-Louis confirms on Twitter that he has ties, at the very least:

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