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Plainslinks is working for the weekend

Remember me? You will. Again.

This is gonna be fast, because it’s Friday afternoon. But there’s too much that needs passin’ on to wait until Monday, so: Take that, you stupid Achilles. As expected, Aairon Savage has been granted his sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA after his back-to-back season-ending injuries. It very much …

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Hoops Report: Last stand

It's hard for me to tell exactly what's going on in this picture, so I figure it's a good representation of last night's game.

Ole Miss 84, Auburn men 74 I thought Auburn might draw a decent crowd at Beard-Eaves last night. Crazy-sounding, I know, but the Rebels came in ranked 18th in the country, for a nationally-televised (such as “nationally televised” is when it means ESPNU) pivotal game, on a Thursday night when …

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The Auburn AUghts: the Games


Figuring out the "best" football game out of a selection of football games is nearly impossible. Is it the one with the highest quality of play? The most unbelievable ending? The greatest impact on the programs? The most memorable because it was freezing or the parachutist missed the field or (totally hypothetical example) the old gymnastics barn next-door burned to the ground mid-game? The one with the greatest emotional catharsis?

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Yes yes a thousand times yes

cover hahahaha

So I’m like two-plus weeks late on this, I know, but I’d still like to take the time to thank Sports Illustrated for this: Yes, that’s right, thank them. I love this cover. I know that puts me in the kind of minority amongst Auburn fans usually reserved for African-Americans …

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