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“Why can’t you be more like Sullivan?”


Alice and David celebrate Heisman legitimacy with these smooth, svelte, morally ambiguous odes to Auburn’s dynamic duo of yesteryear.

1971 AU Coed: “Why can’t you be more like Sullivan?”

1971 AU Dude: “Whatevs woman – Why can’t you be more like Beasley?!”


Will people be making Mark Ingram shirts 40 years from now? I don't think so.

Supply, though, like the DYE HARD shirt, is super-limited. At least currently. We’re new at this and totally started off the wrong way. We’ll be smarter next time — we just need to sell these first.

All shirts are $20, which sounds a little steep but that includes shipping, which is probably a mistake. Take advantage of us! We’ll get it to you in plenty of time for Christmas and the bowl game.

Forget the whole button thing — if you want one, just write to [email protected] and we’ll invoice you via PayPal, which will allow you to pay for it with a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

We have:

1 beige-ish girl-sized small (blue ink).

3 girl-sized mediums (the turquoise-ish one in the photo with blue ink SOLD, a royal blue one with orange ink, and a white one with orange ink).

1 black small (orange ink).

1 white medium (blue ink).

1 light blue-ish large (blue ink — this is actually the one Alice is wearing in the photo). SOLD

1 orange large (blue ink — the one David is wearing in the photo).

1 beige-ish XXL (blue ink).

The selection is, I know, pathetic — we’ll get better. Plea$e help u$ get better!

Don’t forget a TWER shirt while you’re at it and watch tomorrow for another design, one that we have a little variety in…

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