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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 [new posts at the top]

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Best Offer, Best Explanation: The description says that the original owner never wore it. He also maybe never deserved it because, per the Wikipedia roster and… just checked… the 2004 Auburn Football Media Guide, there wasn’t a “Guthrie” on the team. Nevertheless, a 2004 Auburn Championship Season ring engraved with that name is currently up for bid / Buy It Now / Best Offer (currently has 3) on eBay. Unlike the rings once belonging to Florida players up for bid, it’s probably a salesman’s sample. Like it was two years ago. — [JDH – 1:32 p.m.]

*** “Welcome home Gene”: When in Tampa, visit Pete & Shorty’s Tavern.

Did you know that Gene Chizik taught third grade in the Tampa area right after graduation from Florida?

“You get a guy like him, he was a studly looking guy coming out of college,” [good friend Sam] Roper said. “So it was kind of like ‘Kindergarten Cop.’ He had that gift of gab, and the kids loved him.”

Click here for the rest of the homecoming story.

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