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Tuesday, December 1, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** I’m decreasingly one to link to Finebaum, but I caught Dye’s segment yesterday. And it was good.

You couldn’t look at the ballgame and see it any other way.

–  on Nick Saban’s assessment that Auburn “whipped” Alabama’s “asses.

— [JDH – 5:11 p.m.]

*** Sports Illustrated reporter/columnist and Auburn alum Selena Roberts definitely has some haters in the Auburn Family. But I did not consider myself one and in fact have defended her on occasion … but maybe I should change my mind.

From her article on Mark Ingram (you know, the cover story Jerry mentioned last week):

“[N]either of them [Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler] won a Heisman,” reminds Taylor Watson, Tide historian and curator of the Bear Bryant museum in Tuscaloosa. “Alabama has a long list of great players, but no one has ever won it. People here walk a fine line. We like to say how we’re only about winning and not Heisman trophies, but that talk might be different if Alabama had one.”

It’s a delicious topic to chew on for the patrons at Tuscaloosa’s Dreamland Bar-B-Que. They might not trade one of Alabama’s 12 national titles for a stiff-arming statue, but deep in their houndstooth souls, they crave the validation for historic significance.

Just whose side is Roberts on anyway? Where was SI‘s fact checker on this?!?! Too busy staring at the AFC cheerleaders page? — [JMC – 10:20 a.m.]

*** State of Arkansas suffering Tuberville Rumor Withdrawal: Jonesboro weekend sports anchor thinks Notre Dame should hire him. “Seriously.”

At least one Irish fan wouldn’t mind. — [JDH – 9:30 a.m.]

*** Don’t fight that feeling: Auburn commit DJ Howard (“I close my eyes when I’m there, and even when I’m not there, and envision if I’d be comfortable. I came to the conclusion that I will be”) is still being courted – as a running back rather than an athlete, per his druthers – by Auburn with a lake. — [JDH – 9:20 a.m.]

*** GOT SIX?: Only because I saw a Got 12’er last night (and in belated response to Got 17?)… obviously it was sometime after 1979, but when exactly did the shirts change?

Bama shirtH/T/M/F to Thor.

— [JDH – 9:15 a.m.]

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