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Plainslinks wants a big-time gift, Santa Curtis

Honestly, be thankful if you don’t get this. I suppose the image below started with Dr. Saturday’s caption contest for the already-hilarious original shot, and via the magic of teh Twitterz the Good Doctor was able to eventually pass along this bit of magic:


I thought about not including it in this space, since the reference here is geeky enough to make even my usual geeky references look like Hannah Montana shout-outs by comparison, but a) I think it’s funny regardless b) I think just about anybody my age (or a little younger) knew at least one dude who was way, way too into … this show … in high school/college, right?

PPL returns with some photo fun, too.

Krootin’. No real news to report this week aside from the Bowlin’ for Onions development and the Dakota Mosley commitment, but there’s been a ton of ‘krootin’ reports in the wake of Auburn’s flood of Iron Bowl visitors. Among the impressed: Roszell Gayden, Brandon Mosley (who said Auburn is “probably No. 1” for him), James Stone (not that it won’t take a whale of an effort to pry him away from Alabama), Corey Lemonier, C.J. Mosley (Auburn is gunning for a world’s record in most Mosleys in one class), Ken Adams, and 2011 targets Enrique Florence and Kameron Wood. Busy offering pitches in person: none other than Michael Dyer.

Most tantalizing of all, though, were these words from Curtis Luper:

When asked if there will be any “big time” commitments anytime soon..

“Yes, ha ha ha”

Can you give me a time frame? Tomorrow? Today?

“Hey, I wish I could, ha ha ha, but I am really thinking before Christmas … and BIG TIME would be the words to describe that particular athlete.”

Big time?


This sounds like a much nicer Christmas present than socks.

Elsewhere, LacheWatch took another turn with the news this week that his recruiter at LSU, Larry Porter, is leaving to take over Memphis’s head coaching position. Seastrunk’s thoughts on that matter:

“I think it was a great move for him,” Seastrunk said in a story on TigerSportsDigest.com. “He was one of the reasons I liked LSU, because I would have liked to play for him, but I know he has to do what benefits his family. I can’t say where I stand with LSU, but I am proud and happy for coach Porter.”

Well then. I don’t think that sounds like good news for LSU–“was one of the reasons I liked LSU,” and all–but as is always the case with Seastrunk, the cards are still pretty close to the vest here. (HT: ATVS.)

Two last notes worth noting: Auburn leads for 2011 DT Gabe Wright of Georgia, and Chizik and Co. have risen to No. 8 in ESPN’s team rankings after the Dyer and Reed commitments, one spot ahead of Oklahoma (!) and two ahead of USC (!!!).

BlAUgosphere. Will’s Iron Bowl take distills to a sentence why the “14-0 lead, at home, still couldn’t pull it off LOL” ‘Bama approach is so misguided:

(T)hey know today that the Auburn team that took their best squad in a generation right down to the wire is also the worst Auburn team they’ll get to play against for the forseeable future.

That’s the extent of it. Recommended reax also available, as usual, from Acid, Jay, and Rob.

There’s a new blog you’ll want to keep an eye on, The Sleeper Team, that represents the collaborative effort of a Dawg fan, a Tide fan, and friend-o’-the-WBE John. John’s initial efforts including getting out the graph-o-matic to show exactly how far off Tubby’s recruiting had fallen (and how improved it’s been under Chizik) and helping name the Auburn roster for an all-time All-Star Iron Bowl. Goooooood stuff.

And lastly, at Joe Auburn, there’s an insightful eulogy for Bobby Bowden that notes that his departure represents the end of a particular kind of Southern era:

(T)he real loss here isn’t a charismatic and iconic coach like Bowden on the sidelines of a Florida college program. The real loss is a legacy of southern coaches who patrolled the sidelines, intimidated their opponents and referees and more importantly, had real personality.

Consider the likes of Vince Dooley, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Shug Jordan, Pat Dye, Johnny Majors, Johnny Vaught and Robert Neyland. Now arguably, I’m only old enough to really remember five of those, but the impression they left on me – and countless other SEC fans – has been the yardstick by which all other coaches get measured.

They drank, hunted, fished, used tobacco products and had a seemingly endless supply of one-liners and witticisms that made Lewis Grizzard and Jeff Foxworthy envious. They spoke softly and carried a truck-load of big sticks. They taunted their rivals in gentlemanly and yes, sometimes childish ways.

Honestly, all you kind of need to know is where the current crop of SEC coaches is from. Saban is West Virginian and learned the trade in the NFL. Kiffin is Midwest-born, West Coast-trained all the way. Miles and Meyer are both Ohioans whose non-SEC dream jobs are Michigan and Notre Dame, respectively. Meyer Hell, between the jawline and his Florida ties, Chizik is as close to the old-school Southern football coach phenotype as the SEC currently has to offer outside of the OBC. Even if Bowden coached outside the SEC, his ties to Alabama and the Bear most certainly do make him the last of his kind.

Aaaaaand finally: this made me laugh:

yo joe

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