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Plainslinks is random, brief

— No reason, just like the song:

— Goldberg’s got the right angle for tonight’s men’s hoops game vs. Troy: is Tay Waller back for good or was that 3-for-4 from deep performance vs. Alabama A&M re-beginner’s luck? Huge implications for the rest of Auburn’s season, even if it’s just Troy.

— I seriously doubt the Tubs-to-ND? idea gets any real traction (if they hire anyone other than Brian Kelly, the Irish are even dumber than Weis looks), but hey, they have said they’re looking for a defensive coach …

— BlAUgosphere: PPL has some Auburn baseball alum updates, and WarBlogle guest poster Will Heath proves that some Alabama fans can see Iron Bowl things as they are.

— Oh, Chris Low, you’re a solid week behind on this one, I’m afraid.

— I’m waaaaaaay late on this, but Auburn volleyball finished their regular season last week with a tough loss to Georgia to finish at 8-12 in the SEC and 16-15 overall. If that doesn’t sound all that impressive, it’s still good for second in the SEC West and fifth overall–a massive improvement over the last several seasons and according to this release (for Sarah Bullock’s naming to the SEC All-Freshman team) was the Tigers’ best season in a decade. Recognize.

— Elsewhere in “other sports” news, equestrian is riding high as always and way back on Nov. 23 Auburn’s cross country men claimed two All-Americans in a 25th-place finish at the NCAA championships.

— About freaking time. Anything that pulls either the Gators or the Tide back to the SEC pack at this stage is good news, because their domination the last two years is staggering: 31-1 against all other SEC teams, 47-1 overall in the regular season. Insane, and frankly a bit embarrassing for a league that loves to chirp about how difficult an undefeated season in it is. (Oh, and for the record: Alabama 17, Florida 14 tomorrow. I’m hoping I’m wrong.)

— How ’bout that U.S. World Cup draw, huh? Algeria and Slovenia were both the No. 1 choice out of their respective pots, i.e. the U.S. had a 1-in-8 chance on each and a 1-in-64 chance of getting their perfect draw in the final two spots of the group; that 1-in-64 chance came through. And on top of that, I don’t rate England, a team whose rabid press always makes them seem a little better than they are and who will be under extreme pressure to perform.

Of course, now the problem is that the U.S. will actually be favored to advance out of its group, and while the Yanks have done very well against favorites in the Cup (Italy ’90, Colombia ’94, Portugal ’02, Germany ’02, Italy ’06) they’ve been utter crap playing as the favorite (Iran ’98, Poland ’02, Ghana ’06). The fall is going to be much, much harder if Bob Bradley can’t get the U.S. into the knockout stages.

Still, U.S. fans have been griping about our draws for years, and with good reason–the five tries, the Yanks haven’t seen a single draw that would qualify as even vaguely friendly since returning to the Cup in ’90. It’s about time this thing broke in their favor.

— I’m out. Enjoy your weekend, folks, and I’ll be back probably Monday morning.

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