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  1. I really cannot overstate how awesome it feels that this staff is going head to head for recruits with the top programs in the country and winning more than their fair share. Looking back at Tuberville’s last few classes — they rate OK in Rivals’ rankings, but I never felt this kind of energy about them.

    Speaking of OLs, whatever happened to Aubrey Phillips? I forget is he still with the team, expected to have a shot at contributing, or he did kinda disappear?

  2. Dave, Chizik left the door open for a return IIRC, but he’s not in school and I don’t get any sense he’s part of the staff’s plans. I think he’s kinda disappeared.

    And yes, as my friend JRS likes to tag his posts (sort of) successful recruiting is a hell of a drug.

  3. Thanks for the info. Honestly wasn’t expecting much after he bolts from FSU so quick.

    And looking at Tuberville’s classes again I really am surprised as how high some of them ranked. 2008 wasn’t so hot at #20, and then Raven Gray, Jermaine Johnson and DeRon Furr failed to pan out.

    But 2007 rated #7 in the nation? With no 5-stars? Not to mention that in retrospect quite a few of those 4*s’ names have never crossed my mind since — Johnnie Lee Dixon, Bo Harris, Carlton Johnson, Bailey Woods.

    2006 is a similar story: #10, some very solid guys like Tate, Stevens, Fannin, Etheridge; but the only 5* was Greg Smith (who is where now?) and a parade of 4*s who would disappear or fail to qualify and turn up again the next year.

    My conclusion: Rivals’ use of an arbitrary “points” system, rather than average * rating, for ranking team classes greatly overstates the accomplishments of guys like Tuberville, who had a pathological tendency to sign a ton of guys who they should have known would never wear an Auburn jersey. I don’t want to count the chickens yet, but based on the information available to us, Chizik’s classes already look much more likely to be “real” in this respect, which makes me respect him all the more in comparison.

  4. Dave–you’re dead-on. Rivals awards points for total commitments and then re-ranks in the fall after seeing who actually makes it to campus–their fall rankings are more accurate but get 1/4 the publicity. Which was good for Tubby, since his classes were always gutted. 2008 finished 33rd:

    And remember, that included Gray and Furr! 2007’s finished 10th in the re-rank and even that wound up an overstatement:

    So, in short: I agree.

  5. Has anyone heard about Eric Smith’s situation as of today? There is a rumor circulating that he is no longer on the team.

  6. Is “The Incident” a reference to Smith’s earlier arrest or is there some new drama we’re talking around?

    And I’m not sweating an comment until Chizik starts talking about whether someone is “doing the unspecified things that it may or may not allegedly take in some of all possible universes to meet the unspeakable qualifications of an Auburn man.”

  7. Just for the sake of apples to apples curiosity. I wonder how Tuberville’s first couple of classes ranked? No question that his later classes were filled with DNQs.

    And maybe it’s just my impression, I haven’t followed cruting much in the past, but it seems like Chizik’s going for more players with um “pedigrees(?)”, i.e. state championship winners a la moseley and curry, whereas, it seemed like Tubs was in love with random speedy defensive guys from random central Fla. schools that were otherwise not noteworthy.

  8. This is all fantastic news for 2010. Perhaps the most intriguing news on the recruiting front is the visit of five-star JC QB Cam Newton (6’6″, 250, 4.5), who beat out Brantley to be Tebow’s back up (before that unfortunate laptop incident).

    Not sure what to make of all this but it’s certainly interesting.

  9. Um. I looked at that guy’s stats. Rivals (at least the free portion) shows that he doesn’t have an offer, but maybe Malzahn & Co. took a look at the QB stables and figured nobody was going to stand out next season, so why not look at a JUCO guy… ?

  10. We’ll see on Newton, but it’s interesting, to say the least. Can’t say it’s the biggest endorsement for Caudle or for Rollison’s return. Huge potential risk for Chizik and Co.–their rep for doing things the right way would take a massive hit if they bring in a laptop-thief and something goes wrong.

  11. Come on, Jerry … it’s a great REDEMPTION story (and he’s 6’6″ and runs a 4.5 40!!!!)

  12. Hey, I didn’t say they shouldn’t do it. If that’s a direction they decide to go in, I’ll support them. I just said there was a lot of risk involved.


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