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Join the TWER Bowl Pick-a-palooza


So, I know what you’ve been thinking recently. I’m hella good at predicting college football winners straight up. Like, Chris Low good. If only there was some way of proving myself against a college football EXPERT like Jerry at WBE.

Well guess what: you, gentle reader, are in luck, because you’re about to have the opportunity to do just that. Sign up now to play Yahoo’s Bowl Pick ‘Em contest and you can join in with me and a whole bunch of other loyal TWER readers (like, six at least) at the TWER Bowl Pick-a-palooza.

That’s the group name. To join, you’ll need the group ID number:


and the group password:


And now that you’ve got that, join up. Or lose at life.

A quick p.s.: if you can, do take the time to actually assign your “confidence” values. It’s more fun that way.

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