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Checkin’ in (UPDATED, with Newton info)

UPDATE: First, the Northwestern preview I know you’re dying to peruse as you watch today’s slate of bowl games is in the works, but it’s been delayed after the Mrs. and I got caught in a snowstorm on our way back from Phoenix, stranded at a roadside motel, and only got back to the proverbial hizzouse about an hour ago. Gimme a little bit.

Second, Rivals analyst Jeffrey Lee is saying Cam Newton will commit to Auburn tomorrow, and the current HOT RUMOR is that Newton and his father were in Auburn yesterday/are there today getting Newton enrolled. I think it’s fair to let the salivating begin.

Back in a few.

Sorry for the radio silence, gentle readers, but … you know … holidays and all.

Besides, here’s a comprehensive list of the major breaking stories in my recent absence as recorded by Auburn’s beat writers:










That’s the list. That Lutzenkirchen is taking over as Smith’s replacement is worthwhile news, the lack of news on the Cameron Newton front is news in itself, and no one enjoys hearing bits like Antonio Coleman: Teacup Ride Enthusiast more than me. But still: once you’ve said “It’ll be good to see what kind of blocker Lutz has become over the course of the year” and “Hmmm, why is everyone over at Beaver’s place so pessimistic regarding Newton?,” I’m not sure there’s too much that has to be said.

So: that’s all I’ll say for today. But I’m on my way back to the home base as we speak (thanks for the free WiFi, Memphis Airport!) and will have much more to say tomorrow as we gear up for Northwestern. You can also check out today’s awesome and wrath-inducing photos and a few readers-submitted additions to the Auburn AUghts’ plays list.

Back tomorrow.

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