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All manner of Friday randomness

— This YouTube is dedicated to all the males out there who’ll spend part of this (almost) college football-free weekend getting dragged to see the new Twilight movie. Mourn ya till we join ya:

–If you missed it, swimmer Jordan Anderson recently became Auburn’s first Rhodes Scholar since 1980 and fourth all-time. This is kind of the academic version of being named to, I don’t know, some sort of combination NCAA All-Decade team for the best combination football/basketball/baseball players of all-time alongside Bo and Julius Peppers. Or something. The point: Jordan Anderson is deserving of a whole heap of congrautlations.

— Look, you can read Luke Brietzke’s Anniston Star articles online now! That one, fresh today, has an excellent rundown of Auburn’s class-by-class numbers and why January enrolees are so important:

A new SEC rule confines teams to just 25 incoming scholarship players each year. However, Auburn can count five scholarships back to last year. That’s because the Tigers signed 28 players, but six didn’t qualify. Brandon Jacobs chose to play baseball after signing.

One player — either Eltoro Freeman or Onterio McCalebb — counted against the 2008 signing class.

As a result, Auburn is hoping to find up to five players to enroll in school early. The Tigers have two so far — linebacker Jessel Curry and defensive end Craig Sanders — are set to come to school early.

With Auburn’s most pressing needs coming on the offensive line, the coaching staff is targeting several junior college linemen. Roszell Gayden, John Cullen, Brandon Mosley and Laurence Gibson are all current targets that could enroll early.

Gayden, for his part, could commit as soon as next week. That he seems to be ready to make a decision even before his Cal visit might be–might be–a good sign for Auburn or Oklahoma.

— The Auburn paysites have all reported on four-star corner (and Clemson commit) Darius Robinson‘s interest in Auburn, and that’s more encouraging than not, but reading this AJC piece it sure sounds like he’s holding out for a Tech offer, doesn’t it?

— Tubby’s window for a coaching gig this season isn’t closing, it’s closed. With zero open jobs in the SEC and Virginia’s and Louisville’s opening filled before they were ever really available, Tubby never even had a chance. It’s sad, frankly; seeing him openly angle for the Kansas job while the Jayhawks–a 100-percent basketball school with next-to-no football tradition–look at decent-but-hardly-world-beating coaches like Skip Holtz and Turner Gill is uncomfortably Terry Bowdenesque. (I guess Kansas could do an about-face and hire him–their fans would be plenty happy with that–but that Tubby is having to call them for an interview rather than the other way ’round is telling, if you ask me.)

But while I still have a world of respect for Tubby and his accomplishments at Auburn, I have to say it’s hardly surprising. Tubby is 55 years old, appeared to already be suffering from burnout and complacency before he ever left Auburn, and spent his final couple of seasons seriously struggling to recruit to a school that’s much easier to recruit to than Kansas would be.

Tuberville would be a solid hire for the Jayhawks, no doubt about it–his defenses alone would be a huge boon in the Big 12 North. But if Kansas goes with an up-and-comer like Kevin Sumlin or Jim Harbaugh, I’m not sure you can really blame them. I think if Tubby’s serious about getting back into the game, he’s going to have to swallow his pride and look at a school like East Carolina (if Holtz moves) or a Houston (if Sumlin moves) … and even that seems to be a year away.

— What the hell, it’s Friday, let’s do a random 10:

1. “A Pair of Brown Eyes,” the Pogues
2. “Swallow My Pride,” the Ramones
3. “Stacy’s Mom,” Fountains of Wayne
4. “Across the Sea,” Weezer
5. “Publish My Love,” Rogue Wave
6. “Knockers,” the Darkness
7. “Slow Hands,” Interpol
8. “Wanted for Life,” David Byrne and Brian Eno
9. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” the Proclaimers
10. “Some Girls are Bigger than Others,” the Smiths

Fridays were made for The Darkness, weren’t they?

— Enjoy your weekend. Back Monday with the Iron Bowl recap.

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