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This week at TWER, 11/5

Before we get to the second half of the Ole Miss recap, you semi-regular glance around your online home for all things Auburn …

The Iron Bowl probably just got a little more interesting.

Believe. If you are an Auburn person and you’re not checking out The Daily Believer, you’re losing. We had some of just about everything in there this week–from the Beat Bama Food Drive to swimming recruiting (Auburn’s kicking Speedoed ass, of course) to the 50th anniversary of the change from API to AU*–and this avant-garde student protest against, um, poor SEC officiating. The idea: the entire student section throws flags (into the air, not onto the field) when a call is blown during the Iron Bowl:

In order for this to happen without us looking like a ragtag group of drunken redneck idiots, several things must be done. First, under no circumstances should any flags be thrown on the field or towards a player/official. That is low class, and not what Auburn or this group is about. Second, this needs to be a coordinated action, with all the students acting as one, not throwing flags up at random. The flags will (most likely) be thrown only 1-3 times in the game. We do not believe Auburn never deserves a penalty, and that every call is bad. To ensure this takes place, we will be following the lead of the “Orange Jumpsuit Guys” who sit in section 28. When a flag goes on the field and you think it may be questionable, turn to look at section 28. If you see the Orange Jumpsuit Guys raise and lower their flags twice, releasing them to the air on the third time, join with them. If not, DO NOT throw your flag, you’ll make us all look disorganized and dumb. Even if you don’t agree with the Jumpsuit Guys decision, please respect it due to the national stage we are on.

I give this a 2.2% chance of this plan resulting in anything that is not total choas, but I admite and salute the uniquely-collegiate All-American gumption that leads to try pulling a stunt like this off, as as well the uniquely Southern gumption that leads to doing it over perceived officiating slights in college football. (TWER’s already written about the Orange Jumpsuit Guys, by the way: click here for that.)

Photos. It was Halloween, and Auburn won, so you know Toomer’s was going to be a great place to have a photographer; thansk to TWER’s Zac Henderson, we did. That whole gallery is quality, but this particular Photo of the Day is particularly … something.

@kennysmith. The WBE recaps aren’t the only way to relive Auburn games on the blog page: you can also enjoy them 140 characters at a time via the magic of Kenny Smith’s Twitter feed and TWER’s collections of his Gameday work. Check out the Ole Miss version, and for the masochists out there, here’s the LSU game. (Speaking of: that wasn’t, sadly, the first time LSU has battered Auburn, but there were silver linings back then too, as Jeremy shows.)

Patience. Dr. Jolley’s latest is available, and you’re not going to find any more apt metaphor for why half-season snap judgments of Auburn’s new staff do no one any good at all than this one:

Imagine that you want to know the average speed of a car over an hour of driving time. But imagine that instead of waiting for the hour to pass, you either record the speed of the car at one early moment, or average its speed over ten minutes. Neither of these is going to give you the answer you want. You have to let the car drive for an hour. True, the nearer you get to the end of the hour, the more likely it becomes that the answer will fall in a narrowing range. But to get the answer you need to wait the hour.

Word. Read the rest.

Arts. J.M. continues the “Horrors of Alabama” series–i.e. looks back at B-movies filmed in the Heart of Dixie–with the film Jaws of Satan, which looks the sort of movie Snakes on a Plane should have been.

Stillwater, OK-based Americana band Cross Canadian Ragweed is playing the SkyBar tonight–Jeremy’s got your profile covered. Be there, be square, it’s your call.

And not long ago, TWER’s Ben Bartley got the chance to sit down in the living room of Auburn literary giant Madison Jones–the result is part interview, part essay, part nostalgia, and all fantastic.

Video. Aubie crowd surfs, the joy of Auburn victory reaches an Ohio truck stop, cameras go where they shouldn’t, ninjas take over campus.

NFL. And finally, Thor Burk has your weekly update on how our ex-Tigers are faring in the pros.

*There are many things that ‘Bama fans do that make no sense to me, but calling Auburn “API” as some kind of insult has to be at the top of the list. Yes, Auburn used to be called something else, something kind of cool and retro, actually–that’s why some of us wear sweatshirts that say “API.” What’s your point again, random Internet Tide fan?

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