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The Daily Believer: 11.23.09

The Daily Believer is your daily-ish dose of whAUtever, a dose that grows by the second, minute, hour, who knows. Maybe there’s something going on tonight at the Gnu’s Room. Maybe there’s a volleyball game. Maybe there’s some update to The War Eagle Reader you need to know about. Maybe last night’s episode of House referenced Bo. Maybe Pat Dye’s Pants have no reserve on eBay. In other words, we’re live-blogging Auburn – town, gown, idea – and we need your help. Are you putting on an event? A show? Let us know. Know about one? Let us know. Spot Chizik at Byrons? Let us know. Did you see that episode of House? Let us know.

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Monday, November 23, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

**** Current forecast for Friday: Sunny and cold, high of 49. – [JDH – 10:50 a.m.]

*** Oh… yes. Oh… this makes me so very happy…

From Bitter’s blog:

Chizik pulled out some old footage to try to get the team pumped for the game. “He came in our team meeting and showed us some film, a clip from 1989, something like that, the first time Alabama came and played,” running back Ben Tate said. “He showed clips from that. It was just nice to see that with them winning and everything like that. I think Alabama was undefeated and No. 1 team in the country that year and something like that. Just seeing that whole emotion and seeing coach (Pat) Dye giving that speech after they won, it was pretty exciting.

– [JDH – 8:o3 a.m.]

*** So there’s this thing I just wrote about finding a profile (from the Nov. 30, 1989 edition of The Birmingham News, part of the paper’s buildup to that year’s historic Iron Bowl) on the girl actually named WarEagle, the girl I thought about after a random Twitter search last May led me to a girl who had pretended to be named “War Eagle.”

Alabama fans brag on their houndstoothed army of Bryant namesakes, but the Bear was, technically a person. As I wrote then, with the feminized semi-exception of Tyde (brother of named-after-him-befor-he-had-even-coached-a-game Saban) Witt, I thought Tiger and WarEagle White’s parents were in a league of child-naming-devotion all their own.

Because one Bama dad wanted free tickets, I may have been wrong.

From the December 1, 1989 (yes, very next day – note shirt: it doesn’t matter where they play) edition of The Birmingham News:

Dad "was hoping he'd get free (football) tickets."


For more content celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bama’s first visit to the Plains, visit The War Eagle Reader’s 20 Years collection.

– [JDH – 7:45 a.m.]

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