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Friday, November 20, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** Someone wore a Snuggie on campus today; Mario Fannin didn’t think they were actually real.

— [JDH – 1:24 p.m.]

*** Plainsman editor Lindsey Davidson responds (‘misleading’… ‘biased’) to the Wall Street Journal feature focusing on Auburn and the evolution of southern game day courtship.

I don’t think women wearing dresses to football games implies they are whores.

— [JDH – 1:13 p.m.]

*** “The Iron Bowl is Better” wants to boast its way toward doing something special.


Two friends, Brett Trapp (the poor misguided Bama fan) and Josh McFall (the good guy, Tiger fan), have launched a Web site/project,, with a spectacular aim. I’ll let their words describe the goal:

We set up as another way to prove that the passion of the Alabama and Auburn fanbases is bigger, crazier, and more intense than anyone else out there. We’re two normal guys—an Auburn fan and an Alabama fan—leading a movement to raise $54,000 to build a school in Africa in 22 days. From now until the Iron Bowl on November 27, 2009, we’re challenging all Tiger and Tide fans to give big.

Some have said that the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry is the greatest. We disagree. We actually think their rivalry is America’s 2nd Greatest Football Rivalry. We know some of them disagree. So when we reach our goal of $54,000 we are going to fly an airplane over 100,000+ Wolverine/Buckeyes fans letting them know with a banner that the Iron Bowl is Better.

If we reach our goal by November 20, 2009, we’ll fly the plane over the UM/OSU game the next day. If we reach our goal after that, we’ll fly the plane at the 2010 Wolverines/Buckeye game. And no, neither Josh nor Brett will be flying the plane.

Wow. Ambitious to say the least, but a wonderful idea. The current amount raised as of this morning is at around $1,550. So, it looks like the banner will make its debut next year if the goal is reached.

As I live in the southern edge of Big Ten country, I think this poke in the eye of the collective Buckeye and Wolverine fans is a great idea. It brings to mind, what the late Southern humorist Lewis Grizzard called the Ohio State vs. Michigan matchup after visiting the game in person: “I went to it. I was not impressed. Reminded me of two mules fighting over a turnip. I mean, who cares? They ain’t as serious as we are. See it’s a way of life for us, you know.”

So, here is a way to do some boasting on national TV about the specialness of the Iron Bowl and support a worthy cause of building a school in Angola, Africa.

Of course, the The War Eagle Reader offers a humble idea for the final push in gathering the needed funds: The fan base that raises the most money once the $54,000 is reached gets to offer suggestions on the school’s name. How does “The Bo Knows Education Center” sound to you folks? I also like the ring of “In a Few Short Weeks We’ll Be Smarter Than 89% of Bama Fans Center for Learning.” — [JMC – 9:30 a.m.]

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