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Friday, November 13, 2009 [new posts at the top]

Check here – the same post. Check AUften.

*** !

Imagine… Reed. Tyrik. Dyer. Caudle. Smith. Fannin. Adams. T-Zach. Blake. Benton. Lutz. Burns. Stallworth. Squirrel Catcher. Maybe Seastrunk. Maybe Lattimore. Almost entire O-line.

CSJ just got a special tingle. I did, too.

[JDH – 10:46 a.m.]

*** Picture 19

A Wall Street Journal feature focusing on Auburn and the evolution of southern game day courtship is currently up on the front page of paper’s Web site.

According to several sophomore members of Auburn’s Sigma Nu chapter, the best quality to look for in a date is that she makes a good “babysitter” (read: she will take care of you if you get too drunk). Others say the best dates won’t mind doubling as bourbon-transportation vehicles. (Taping a flask to a date’s leg is, by many accounts, another age-old Southern football tradition.)

It comes across a bit Teen Vogue at times, and not just because of the content, but I dig that it barely mentions Bama and, for LSU, focuses entirely on the corn-dog meme.

h/m/b/d/g/x/v Chris Shelling Jr. [JDH – 10:12 a.m.]

*** At least one person noticed (someone with the last name of Dyle!): Michael Dyer committed to Auburn on Pat Dye’s birthday (happy belated – word of the week! – coach). Dyer, like Dye during his first press conference as Auburn’s coach, also misnomerized Auburn as “the University of Auburn” during his first press conference as an official Auburn verbal. Let’s hope he stays off Lake Martin, at least for a little while. — [JDH – 9:02 a.m.]

*** I was looking for someone to follow for a true taste of what’s about to go down in Athens this weekend. I recommend keeping your eyes on AU_Goldberg, who has been to every game this season.

His last 10 tweets:

  1. The girl we’re staying with has a snuggie out on the couch…I’m in love. And hammered.. WDE!!! about 6 hours ago
  2. @eldercb definitely took a few in your honor..see you tomorrow about 6 hours ago
  3. Just got home… great night out on Athens… getting some sleep and gearing up for a crazy day tomorrow..WDE!!! about 6 hours ago
  4. Why are UgA bars so much better than Auburn bars? about 7 hours ago
  5. @eldercb your missing out tonight about 9 hours ago
  6. Downtown Athens here we come about 9 hours ago
  7. Now heading to Athens to beat the bulldogs about 12 hours ago f
  8. Just ate a ballin dinner in Cumming,GA.. about 12 hours ago
  9. Rollin out of auburn on the way to Athens… WDE!!! about 16 hours ago Just lost treasurer and historian 8:22 PM Nov 11th
  10. Pledge brother just won a 800 dollar shotgun in a raffle 8:47 PM Nov 10th

Dude is pumped. Interesting juxtaposition with The Pledge down there…

War Damn Eagle — [JDH – 9:00 a.m.]

***Team Pledge-AU-UGA Game 1892

Team Pledge crop

Images via AU Libraries.

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